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After PUC (Science), What Next ?

Career Selection is one of the most crucial decisions every student has to make after completing the 10th std or PUC. Not only the students but also the parents go through a lot of facts, myths, assumptions and confusion. Today, almost all careers are giving a challenge for the younger generation. The choices are plenty but to make a good choice, one has to be aware and awake.
In this first of the 3 Series articles on After PUC, What next ? I would like to discuss 2 major issues
– How to choose a career ? and After PUC (Science), What Next ?

How to Choose a Career ?
If a student has to make a good career choice, he /she must consider 3 fundatmental parameters.
These are the primary factors, even more than the marks scored in the exams.

1. Aptitude : This is the natural ability a person has and based on this the person’s ablility to perform various kinds of tasks is assessed. The easiest way to know one’s aptitude is to list of all those things or activities that are achieved without must stress as well as taking a good aptitude test. Your aptitude along with your attitude determines your altitude !.

2. Personality : Like how every community or group of people are known by the culture they follow, in the same way an individual is known by the personality he/she possesses. Our personality reflects our innate nature, our inclinations, our percerptions, our thoughts, our ideas and how we think about the outside world and act accordingly. Hence before choosing a career one’s personality must be thoroughly assessed and then accordingly courses / careers / jobs must be identified    which match the personality of an individual.

3. Interest : Every person has his/her own interest in or more areas. The interest in terms of career choice refers to genuine, fact based interest a person is having about the career he/she wishes to pursue. It should not be “Choclate syndrome” which means “ Being crazy about doing something and after sometime the excitement fizzles out.”

After PUC (Science), What Next ?
Even before the exams are over, lakhs of students appearing for the 2nd PUC / 12th Std exams are burdened with the task of applying for various entrance exams and colleges. Today the opportunities for science students are tremendous. In this article we give the career and course options for the science students which is only an indicative list but not exhaustive. The advantage for science students is they can not only pursue the science stream courses in graduation but also take up the arts, commerce and management programs.

1. Courses in Medicine & Dental Sciences

Studying Medicine is one of the most challenging courses in the world. To complete the course successfully and to go greater heights in the field of medicine, one must have the following qualities.

  • Academic Skills : Having the natural love for reading, reading and reading a lot.
  • Good Memory : Very Important as a lot of information has to be remembered.
  • Patience & Perseverance to deal with exams, long hours of study and practice


1. MBBS - Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. (5 ½  Years)
2. BUMS - Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Sciences (5 ½  Years)
3. BHMS - Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine & Sciences (5 ½  Years)
4. BNYS - Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (5 ½  Years)
5. BAMS - Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Sciences (5 ½  Years)
6. BSMS - Bachelor of Siddha Medicine & Sciences (5 ½  Years)
7. BDS - Bachelor of Dental Sciences (5 Years)
8. BVSc & AH - Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry (5  Years)

Future Prospects

Students who complete medicine have 2 challenges. The First is to start preparing for the PG Entrance Exams and Second is to practice (see patients) at hospital, clinics of Nursing Homes. If a Medical graduate has to join any PG program like MD or MS then it will take atleast 1 year for preparation and next 2-3 years in the course. Hence to become a well qualified doctor, it takes atleast 8-10 years. But yes the rewards are always great for successful doctors.


In Karnataka, all medicine courses are offered by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. To know the list of colleges, kindly visit

2. Courses in Nursing, Pharmacy & Paramedical Sciences

The Medical Industry’s speed, success and profits are not dependent only on the doctors. Apart from doctors we have the nurses, pharacists and paramedics who form the back bone of any hospital / clinic. Every year hundreds of new hospitals are opened in our country generating employment for thousands of nurses and paramedics.

If you wish to be in the medical industry and have a keen interest in working with people, having a hygeinic job as well as get a good pay, here are some of the most sought graduation courses in paramedical sciences

1. BSc - Nursing
2. Bpharma
3. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)
4. BSc - Occupational Therapy
5. BSc - Rehabilitation Therapy
6. BSc - Renal Dialysis
7. BSc - Cardiac Perfusion Technology
8. BSc - Medical Records Technology
9. BSc - Medial Lab Tecnology
10. BSc - Medical X-ray Technology
11. BSc - Clinical Optometry
12. BSc - Opthalmic Technology
13. BSc - Respiratory Therapy Technology
14. B.Sc - Physician Assistant
15. B.Sc - Radiology / Radiography
16. B.Sc - Medical Imaging Technology
17. B.Sc - Prosthetics & Orthotics
18. BNMT - Bachelor of Nuclear Medicine Technology
19. BMR - Bachelor of Mental Retardation Therapy.
20. BSLH - Bachelor of Speech Language and Hearing

2 year Diploma courses offered by Karnataka Paramedical Board

The Karnataka Paramedical Board, Bangalore offers 2 year Diploma Courses for 2nd PUC pass students. There are 299 colleges affiliated to the board and admission to the courses happens through centralized counselling during the month of June/July every year.

1. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.
2. Diploma in X-Ray Technology.
3. Diploma in Health Inspector.
4. Diploma in Medical Records Technology.
5. Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology.
6. Diploma in Dialysis Technology.
7. Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology.
8. Diploma in Dental Mechanics.
9. Diploma in Dental Hygiene.

Future Prospects

Paramedical students are placed in jobs even before they complete the Diploma / Graduation Course. In some of the paramedical fields, we have Masters and Ph.d also which makes them highly qualified for senior and high paying jobs.

After gaining experience of 2-3 year the paramedics are flooded with many jobs and they are in great demand abroad. Those who have high ambitions make the best use of their qualification, skills and experience to get high paying jobs in Gulf, Europe and USA.

Job opportunities for Paramedics

1. Placements happen to all Paramedical student during their final year. The pay package for freshers is generally low and after completing 6months - 1 year a good paramedic will get what he/she demands.
2. Opportunities to work are offered at Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Blood banks, Manufacturing firms, dairy institutes, pharmaceutical labs, public health labs, diagnostic laboratories, rehabilitation centers, special treatment centers, etc..
3. With Good English Language and excellent communication skills paramedics get to work world  wide and earn a huge salary.

3. Courses in Engineering

Trends in Engineering

Engineering is the most wanted course by the science students. Over the last 5 years, the number of students joining engineering has increased tremendously. Most of the students are joining without even knowing if they are suitable or not. The recent 2012 NASSCOM report said that “ 75% of Indian Engineering Students are Unemployable” which is mainly due to fact that many engineering colleges started without proper infrastructure, faculty, facilities, etc… and ultimately students who joined these colleges are not fit for jobs.. Even students who are coming out of good engineering colleges are not so well equipped to meet the demands of the Industry.

Admission to Engineering
The 4 year Bachelor of Engineering (BE) is offered by over 200 colleges in Karnataka. The admission to these colleges is through CET, COMEDK and Management Quota. If you wish to study the course at a subsidized cost, then giving CET is a must. If you can afford to pay high fees, COMED-K will help you to choose a good college while If you do not have enough marks, you will have to look forward for Management Quota seats which are costly.

Qualities required to pursue Engineering
In order to pursue engineering in true spirit and complete the course in 4 years with good marks and also get a good job, a student must have the following Qualities

  • Mathematical Skills
  • Quick Learning Skills
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Good English Communication Skills (no accent needed)
  • Team Building & Application Skills (Project)
  • 6th Sense - Common Sense
  • Never Never Never Never GIVE UP Attitude

Note : If a student does not have all these skills but has only 2-3, he can still join engineering and during the 4 year course, develop these skills. Remember that nobody is born with Skills, we all learn them with time and training.

Branches in Engineering

1. Electronics & communication
2. Computer Science
3. Mechanical
4. Electrical & Electronics
5. Civil
6. Aeronautical
7. Industrial Production
8. Automobile
9. Instrumentation Technology
10. Architecture
11. Industrial Engineering & Management
12. Automobile
13. Chemical
14. Medical Electronics
15. Textiles
16. Bio-technology
17. Mining
18. Ceramics
19. Silk technology
20. Construction technology & Management
21. Bio Medical
22. Information Science
23. Environmental Science
24. Polymer technology
25. Manufacturing Science
26. Naval Architecture
27. Carpet Technology

Which is the Best Engineering Branch ?
This is a question which most of the students and parents have for counselors. Honestly there is not BEST Engineering Branch. Instead of BEST, a student must look for SUITABLE and NOT SUITABLE Engineering Branch.

In Karnataka, there are more than 200 colleges which are Autonomous or Affiliated to Visveswariah Technological University (VTU), Belgaum. Please visit for the list and details of the colleges.

4. Courses in Pure Sciences & Applied Sciences
The scope of studying a pure science or applied science course is more than that of Engineering and Medicine provided a student identifies the right and suitable course for himself / herself. Generally students and parents are aware of only the medicine and engineering courses. However, there are 3 year science based courses which have today greater demand in the market.

Pure Science Courses offered by Degree Colleges

1. BSc - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
2. BSc - Chemistry, Botany, Zoology

Applied Science Courses offered by Degree Colleges

1. BSc – Computer Science
2. BSc – Electronics
3. BSc – Biotechnology
4. BSc – Statistics
5. BSc – Micro Biology

Lesser Known B.Sc Courses offered by Selected Colleges and Institutes.

1. BSc - Agricultural Sciences
2. BSc – Agri Business
3. BSc - Sericulture
4. BSc – Food Technology
5. BSc – Wood Science Technology
6. BSc – Dietician & Nutritionist
7. BSc – Environmental Sciences
8. BSc – Fishery Sciences
9. BSc – Metorology
10. BSc – Oceanography
11. BSc – Anthropology
12. BSc – Home Science
13. BSc – Geo Informatics & Sciences
14. BSc – Forestry
15. BSc – Horticulture
16. BSc – Floriculture
17. BSc – Dairy Technology
18. BSc – Forensic Science
19. BSc – Environmental Management
20. BSc – Fashion and Apparel Design.

5. Integrated Courses after PUC Science

In the last few years, someo f the Government Colleges and Private Universities across India have come up with Integrated 4 year, 5 year & 6 year courses after PUC. Some of these courses are highly specialized and prepare the student for the global market.

1. Pharma D (Bpharma + Mpharma) – Duration : 6 years
2. Bachelor of Science – BS –Duration : 4 years offered by IISC, Bangalore & Bangalore University.
3. Integrated M.Tech – Duration : 6 years (BioInformatics & BioTechnology)
4. Integrated M.Tech – Duration : 6 years (Computer Science Engineering)
5. Integrated M.Sc – Duation : 5 years (PCM, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics)
6. Integrated Law Course (BE + LLB) – Duration : 6 years.
7. Integrated Law Course (MBBS + LLB) – Duration : 7 years.


1. There are more courses which a student can pursue after PUC Science. But due to space limitations, we will have to limit the courses discussed.
2. Please select a course for which you are suitable. All courses are good. You need to identify which courses suit the combination of your APTITUDE + PERSONALITY + INTEREST.
3. Advise to Students : If you studied PUC Science due to parental pressure, please speak up to your parents and tell them that its not working for you and you would like to shift to commerce and Arts.
4.  Advise to Parents : Your son / daughter who is completing PUC Science is definetely unique and its your responsibility to find the UNIQUENESS. If you had a dream of become something, let that not be the reason for making your child pursue a career. Your child need to do a course which you could not do. Discuss with him/her all the problems, issues and if required take the help of a counsellor to solve them.

Originally Written by Mr. Ameen-E-Mudassar for the Sakar, Dated On 6 March 2013


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