BSc Dialysis Technology

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B.Sc in Renal Dialysis Technology

Bachelor of Science in Renal Dialysis Technology ( BSc Dialysis Technology)

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Dialysis Technology is a highly specialized field of nephrology (care of the kidneys). Dialysis is a treatment for patients with temporary or permanent kidney failure. Dialysis Technicians operate machines that remove waste and excess fluids from the blood of patients whose kidneys can no longer carry out those functions. Dialysis technicians must fully understand the operation of the kidney dialysis machines. They are responsible for their operation, cleaning, and sterilization. Dialysis technologists are also responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of dialysis machines; in some settings they perform routine equipment maintenance and repairs. They are often involved in patient education, instructing patients and families about in-home dialysis treatment and reinforcing importance of adherence to prescribed treatment.

BSC Dialysis Technology Eligibility

Should have passed Senior Secondary (12th Standard / Intermediate) examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology from Central Board of Secondary Education or any other examination recognized by R G U H S as equivalent.

Lateral Entry

Candidates who have secured a diploma in Renal Dialysis Technology from a board recognized by the Government or any other equivalent authority can gain entry to second year of the course.

Academic Year Commencement

August – September.

Course Duration

3 yrs & 6 months.


As with many other health care occupations, job opportunities for Dialysis Technicians are expected to grow as the population ages and more people require dialysis. Labour Statistics predicted an overall 21% increase in health care occupation between 2006 and 2016.