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B.Sc in Optometry

Bsc Optometry

Bachelors in Optometry ( BSc Optometry ) Optometry is a health care profession that is autonomous, educated and regulated (licensed/registered), and optometrists are the primary healthcare practitioners of the eye and visual system who provide comprehensive eye and vision care, which includes refraction and dispensing, detection / diagnosis and management of …

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M.Sc in Echocardiography

MSc Echocardiography

Master in Science – Echocardiography (MSc Echocardiography) An Echocardiography technician is an important team member of the medical field, working in the capacity of assisting cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists and others like cardiac surgeons. Through training, this technicians learns to evaluate the heart via ultrasound or echocardiogram technique. The scans taken during …

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M.Sc in PsychoSocial Rehabilitation and Counselling

PsychoSocial Rehabilitation

Master in Science – PsychoSocial Rehabilitation and Counselling Training in this area prepares professionals to work in the area of mental health and provide Psycho social care to persons with mental illness. It also includes training in counselling skills. Highlight of the course is its emphasis on hands-on learning and experiential …

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Master in Public Health

Master in Public Health

Master in Public Health MPH is inter disciplinary program that prepares the candidates to become leading public health professionals who are capable of addressing the current global public health issues through multi disciplinary approaches and latest scientific knowledge. The candidates acquire the fundamental public health skills (bio-statistics, epidemiology, social and …

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Bachelors in Prosthetics and Orthotics

Prosthetics and Orthotics

Bachelors in Prosthetics and Orthotics Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O) is a paramedical and engineering based healthcare profession which deals with habilitation and rehabilitation of physical impaired individuals. Typically these persons suffer from limb malfunctions, abnormalities or absence or loss of limbs or other body parts that prevent from leading an …

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Bachelors in Hospital Administration (BHA)

Hospital Administration

Hospital Administration the main objective of the course is to enable the candidates to: Evaluate the management, growth and development issues faced by hospital managers. Review and evaluate services using concepts of organization and structure, methods of planning and managing human, financial, material resources etc. Analyze and develop hospital policies …

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B.Sc in Radio Therapy Technology

BSc RadioTherapy

Bachelor of Science in Radio Therapy Technology (BSc RadioTherapy) Radiation therapists are typically part of a cancer management team. They record, interpret and administer the treatment prescribed by a radiation oncologist.They utilize a variety of equipment such as cobalt units and linear accelerators.They help locate tumors, update treatment reports and measure …

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