Paramedical Courses

Paramedical in Speech Language and Hearing

Speech Language

Speech Language and Hearing Language and speech is the main mode of social interaction and communication. Speech and language therapy / Speech Language helps to identify, assess and treat people with communication disorder.Speech Therapy is a promising career option for those interested in paramedical sciences. Speech disorders can be the …

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Paramedical in Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation Therapy Rehabilitation is a method which enables a person to recover from functional limitations after an injury or an illness. Rehabilitation helps people with disabilities to restore their mental, emotional, physical, social & vocational usefulness. Mental illness is also recovered with the help of rehabilitation. This area also helps the …

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Paramedical in Ophthalmic Technology


Ophthalmic Technology An ophthalmologist / Ophthalmic is a medical professional that diagnoses and treats eye disease, which includes performing eye surgery; therefore, a medical degree and residency is required to work in this field. Students can pursue a variety of science-intensive pre-medical bachelor’s degrees to prepare for a career in ophthalmology. …

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Paramedical in Nuclear Medicine Technology

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine Technology Nuclear Medicine Technology Courses deal with the technique of medical imaging. It is a branch of medicine that is used for diagnosis as well as treatment of diseases. The study is based on the properties of radioactive isotopes. Computers and other equipment’s are used in this study.This …

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Paramedical in Medical X-ray Technology

Medical X-ray

Medical X-ray Technology Without the ability to see inside the human body, doctors would find it much more difficult to diagnose and treat many different kinds of injuries and illnesses. But physicians can’t just cut into patients every time they need a better view. That’s why diagnostic imaging (such as …

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Paramedical in Medical Records Technology

Medical Records

Medical Records Technology A medical records technician (M.R.T) is one of the few positions in healthcare that does not include contact with patients and yet is one of the most important jobs in the industry. An M.R.T is responsible for entering patients’ medical records into a computer database so that …

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Paramedical in Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory

Medical Laboratory Medical Laboratory Technology also called Clinical laboratory science is an allied health profession which is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease through the use of clinical laboratory tests. These tests help doctors to detect, diagnose and treat diseases. A Medical Laboratory Technologist (M.L.T) do these tests …

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Paramedical in Dental Mechanics

Dental Mechanics

Dental Mechanics A Dental Mechanic has the important & creative responsibility to design dental structures & make patients more knowledgeable about their dental health. In general, this professional works behind the scene along with the dentist to give the patients a perfect set of teeth.A Dental Mechanics works primarily towards …

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Paramedical in Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Dental hygienists remove soft and hard deposits from teeth, teach  patients how to practice good oral hygiene, & provide other preventive dental care. They examine patients’ teeth and gums, recording the presence of diseases or abnormalities. Dental hygienists use an assortment of different tools to complete their tasks. Hand …

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Paramedical in Clinical Optometry

Clinical Optometry

Clinical Optometry Ophthalmic Optics / Clinical Optometry is a science, which deals with the structure, function and working of the human eye. Popularly known as Optometry, this health care profession is concerned with examination, diagnosis and treatment of eyes, specially related to visual, optical symptoms, refractive errors and their correction, …

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