Career Definitions

Career Definitions – VETERINARY


Career Definitions – VETERINARY ANIMAL GENETICS & BREED (PG) VETERINARY – The branch of Science which deals with heredity and variation of inherited characteristics in living animals. ANIMAL HUSBANDRY (DEG / PG) The science of caring and breeding farm animals. ANIMAL REPRODUCTION (PG) The action or process of farming, creating …

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Career Definitions – TOURISM


Career Definitions – TOURISM TOURISM (CER/DEG/PGDIP) TOURISM – The practice of travelling for pleasure. Also pertains to the business of providing tours and services for tourists. TOURISM ADMINISTRATION (DEG/DIP) The business of providn tours and services for tourists. TRAVEL & TOURISM (CER/DEG/PGDIP) Travel and tourism industry is conerned with accommodating the growing number …

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Career Definitions – TECHNOLOGY


Career Definitions – TECHNOLOGY FORGE & FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGYs (DIP) TECHNOLOGY Various metals are forged or moulded for reduced shape.This subject can be studied at various levels from operation upto sophisticated design. INSTRUMENT TECHNOLOGYs (DIP) Instrumentation technology requires considerable knowledge of electronic, electrical,hydraulics as well as properties of material.Instruments are to …

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Career Definitions – SOCIOLOGY


Career Definitions – SOCIOLOGY CRIMINOLOGY (DIP / PG) SOCIOLOGY – The branch of knowledge that deals with crime.The scientific study of crime, penal treatment and the behavior of convicts and criminals. ETHNICS (DEG) Pertaining to a religious, racial, national or cultural minority group. LABOUR & SOCIAL WELFARE (DEG / PG) …

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Career Definitions – RELIGION


Career Definitions – RELIGION BUDDHIST STUDIES (CER / PG / M.Phil) RELIGION – Studies relating to Buddha, his teachings and principles. COMPARATIVE RELIGIONS (CER / PGDIP) Works dealing with various religions, pertaining to religious topics not applied to specific religions. RELIGIOUS STUDIES (PG) The study devoted to religions, exhibiting the …

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Career Definitions – PSYCHOLOGY


Career Definitions – Psychologists APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY (PG) Psychologists – The use of findings and methods of scientific psychology in solving problems of human behaviour. INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY (DIP) Psychology such problems of industry as personnel solution, training and efficiency. PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES (DEG) Psychologist activities may be as varied as teaching, counselling, …

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