Career Definitions

Career Definitions – Biology


Career Definitions – Biology BOTANY (DIP) In Biology, Botanist study plants and their environment. Some study all aspects of plant life while others specialize in areas such as identification and classification of plants, the structure and function of plant parts, the biochemistry of plant or the causes and cures of …

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Career Definitions – AUTOMOBILE


Career Definitions – AUTOMOBILE AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING (DEG/PG)  Automobile engineering is a subject which deals with mobile vehicles the subject includes design. Testing and manufacturing of automobiles of all types. Including two wheeler, tractors, etc. AUTOMOBILE TECHNICIAN (DIP/PG)  Automobiles mechanics,often called automotive service technicians, repair and service automobiles and occasionally light …

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Career Definitions – ARTS


Career Definitions – ARTS  COUNSELLING (DIP)  Arts Counselors help people evaluate their interests interests and abilities and advise and assist them in their personal, social educational, and career problems and concerns. Their duties depend on the individuals they serve and the settings in which they work such as school and …

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Career Definitions – ARCHITECTURE


Career Definitions – ARCHITECTURE ARCHITECTURE ENGINEERING (DEG/AMIE)  architecture The art and science of designing and erecting buildings. It is a branch of civil engineering which is taken as a specialization or offered separately. ARCHITECTURE (DIP/DEG/PG)  The art or practice of designing structures, especially habitable structures in accordance with principles determined …

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Career Definitions – Agriculture


Career Definitions – Agriculture Agriculture AGRICULTURAL MECHANIC (DIP)  Agricultural equipment technicians assemble, adjust, operate, maintain, modify, test and help design a whole array of modern farm machinery.Such machinery includes computer computer controlled automatic animal feeding systems, milking machine systems, and tilling, planting harvesting, irrigating, drying and handling equipment of all kinds. …

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Career Definitions – Aeronautics


Career Definitions – Aeronautics AERODYNAMICS (PG) Aeronautics – It is the study of the behavior of air in motion. The dynamics of solid bodies moving through air. AEROSPACE ENGINEERING (DEG/PG DIP/PG)  Engineering pertaining to the design and construction of aircraft and space vehicles and of power units, dealing with the special …

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