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M.Sc in Echocardiography


Master in Science –¬†Echocardiography (MSc Echocardiography)

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]An Echocardiography technician is an important team member of the medical field, working in the capacity of assisting cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists and others like cardiac surgeons. Through training, this technicians learns to evaluate the heart via ultrasound or echocardiogram technique. The scans taken during Echocardiography can look that form a variety of perspective to provide information about heart structure, blood flow, and any potential problems. Sometimes these technicians don’t just work with adult and children, but also perform preliminary scans on pregnant women undergoing fetal echocardiography technician is to do preliminary scans and make a record of all points of interest that occur during those scans.

MSc Echocardiography Eligibility

B.Sc degree in Perfusion Technology or Cardiac Care Technology.

Academic Year Commencement

August – September.

Course Duration

2 yrs.

MSc Echocardiography Scope

Over the next few years and there is going to be another 26% increase in the need for Echocardiographers by the year 2016. Cardiac Sonographers are ranked in the Top 10 Best Paid positions for associate degree careers. Furthermore, skilled Echo Techs enjoy a rewarding career that balances high-tech expertise with compassionate care of the individual.