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B.Sc in Neuro Science Technology


Bachelor of Science in Neuro Science Technology ( BSC NeuroScience )

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]A neuro science technologists is a multi-skilled allied health professional who performs diagnostic testing procedures including, but not limited to, electroencephalograms (E E G), evoked potentials (E P), polysomnograms(P S G), nerve conduction studies (N C S) and electronystagmograms (E N G). They work under the supervision of a physician who is responsible for interpretation and clinical correlation of the results. This physician is not usually physically present during the procedures and so the technologist must be able to analyse data during the recording, making certain that the information being obtained is valid and interpret-able. A relevant patient history obtained by the technologist guides to some degree how the test will be conducted; therefore, he / she must be knowledgeable in clinical neurology.

BSC NeuroScience Eligibility

Should have passed Senior Secondary (12th Standard / Intermediate) examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology from Central Board of Secondary Education or any other examination recognized by R G U H S as equivalent.

Lateral Entry

Candidates who have secured a diploma in Neuro Science Technology from a board recognized by the Government or any other equivalent authority can gain entry to second year of the course.

Academic Year Commencement

August – September.

Course Duration

3 yrs & 6 months.


There are nearly as many directions for graduates of neuroscience programs to go there are neural connections in the human brain. As medical technology continues to improve, the number of job opportunities for graduates with degrees in neuroscience will, as a result, increase.Graduates may find work with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and private clinics, government research institutions, and in private practice, among many other areas. Essentially, this is a field whose importance and relevance is increasing faster than ever before.And as a result, it is one of the most exciting, cutting-edge areas in all of the sciences.