Humanities Course in Journalism


Journalists Journalism / Journalists is the activity or product of or others engaged in the preparation of written, visual, or audio material intended for dissemination through public media with reference to factual, ongoing events of public concern. It is intended to inform society about itself and to make public, things …

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Humanities Course in Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design If we look at the corridors of the any Palace, villa or the marvelous indoors of the best apartments in the city, we wonder how these were designed. Be it – The hotels, IT companies, bungalows or corporate offices, all of us have always admired the interior decorations …

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Humanities Course in Home Science

Home Science

Home Science The course in Home Sciences identifies the artistic values and the scientific methods employed in home management. This course after 12th class helps the students to have knowledge on diverse aspects of Resource Management, Food Nutrition, and Human development, and so on. The Home Sciences course helps aspirants to …

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Humanities Course in Bachelor of Arts in English

Bachelor of Arts in English

Bachelor of Arts in English Bachelor of Arts in English is a 3 year undergraduate program which helps the aspirants to study about English literature, various writing of famous writers such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens and so on.The scope of acquiring a job after B.A English /  Bachelor of …

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Humanities Course in Advertising


Advertising How many of us remember the Ad of Parry’s Coffee Byte (coffee/ toffee) or an PEPSI Ad while we forget some of the most important events of our own life ?. We move across our town, city, state, country finding thousands of hoardings which show larger than life people …

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Commerce Course in Company Secretaryship

Company Secretaryship

Company Secretaryship Every company has a core team, which spearheads the company’s policies, business & growth. This team will consist of many competent people who are experts from various fields, coming together to work for / build a big Financial Institution, Firm or a Corporate.One among-st this team is a …

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Commerce Course in Chartered Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Chartered Financial Analysis The last article focused on a Career as Company secretary which holds great value & promises high level posts in all sectors involving Finance & Planning. This issue lets know more about a similar career in Finance – Chartered Financial Analyst which has a history of just …

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Commerce Course in Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy Each career in itself has a huge scope for advancement & promotion in life. One such is being a Chartered Accountant / Chartered Accountancy . Today with the increasing economy, capital market & huge business plans, the need for a professional practicing CA is huge. A Chartered Accountant …

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Commerce Course in Business Administration

Business Administration

Business Administration The administration of a business / Business Administration is interchangeable with the performance or management of business operations, maybe including important decision making. Thus it is likely to include the efficient organization of people and other resources so as to direct activities toward common goals and objectives.The word …

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