Career Definitions – PSYCHOLOGY


Career Definitions – Psychologists APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY (PG) Psychologists – The use of findings and methods of scientific psychology in solving problems of human behaviour. INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY (DIP) Psychology such problems of industry as personnel solution, training and efficiency. PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES (DEG) Psychologist activities may be as varied as teaching, counselling, …

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Career Definitions – PHYSICS


Career Definitions – PHYSICS APPLIED GEOPHYSICS (PG) PHYSICS – Geophysicsts check the physical pressure of earth substances. They also investigate magnetic elements and gravitationl force  of the earth. APPLIED PHYSIC ( DEG/PG/Ph.D) Physics which is put to practical use. ATOMIC PHYSIC (PG/PGDIP/Ph.D) A branch of physics concerned with structure of …

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Career Definitions – PHILOSOPHY


Career Definitions – PHILOSOPHY GANDHIAN STUDIES (DEG / PG) PHILOSOPHY – Study pertaining to characteristics of Mahatma Gandhi and his principals. GANDHIAN THOUGHT (PGDIP / PG)  Study pertaining to or characteristics of Mahatma Gandhi and his thoughts about the society as a whole. VEDIC LITERATURE (PG) Literature pertaining to Vedas.Learning …

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Career Definitions – PHARMACY


Career Definitions – PHARMACY PHARMACY (DIP) PHARMACY – The science and art that deals with the collection, preparation and standardization of drugs and is concerned with the cultivation of plants used for drugs, the synthesis fo chemical compounds having medicinal value and the analysis and the standardization of medicines. PHARMACEUTICS …

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Career Definitions – PARAMEDICAL


Career Definitions – PARAMEDICAL APPLIED BIO MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (PG) Paramedical Bio-medical technicians build, maintain and repair various types of electronic equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment for diseases. AUDIOLOGY & SPEECH THERAPY (DEG / PG) Paramedical Speech language psychologists identify, assess, and treat persons with the speech and language …

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