Career Definitions – OFFICE ADMINISTRATION OFFICE MANAGEMENT (DIP/DEG)  OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Management and upkeep of records, and office equipment. Office managers coordinate and direct supportive services such as secretarial and correspondence,conference planning and travel, information processing, personnel and financial records planning communication mail etc. OFFICE MANAGEMENT & SECRETARIAL PRACTICE (DIP/DEG) Office …

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Career Definitions – MINING


Career Definitions – MINING MINING (DIP/DEG/PG) Minings technicians find, extract and prepare mineral for manufacturing industries to use. They design open it and underground mines, supervise the construction of mine shafts and tunnels in underground operations, and devise methods for transporting minerals to processing plants. MININGS & MINE PLANNING (PG) …

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Career Definitions – METALLURGY


Career Definitions – METALLURGY INDUSTRIAL METALLURGY (PG) In METALLURGY – It is a subject dealing with the production, quality control, and experiment study of metals, specific activities of the industrial metallurgist is in photoengraving metal  samples with a photo microscope, developing and mounting photomicrographs, examining samples with x-ray, gamma rays and …

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Career Definitions – MEDICINE


Career Definitions – MEDICINE DIABETOLOGY (DIP) MEDICINE – Diabetology is the science of study of sugar in blood and urine. ELECTRO – HOMEOPATHY MEDICINE & SURGERY (DEG) It involves treatment of diseases through electropathy and homeopathic medicines. ENDOCRINOLOGY (PG) Endocrinology is the science of study of ductless glands, throat, testis …

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Career Definitions – MEDICAL


Career Definitions – MEDICAL BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING(DEG/PG/Ph.D) Bio-medical engineers are highly trained scientists who employ engineering and bio-behavioral science principles in research conducted on the biological aspects of animal and human life. MEDICAL RECORD MANAGEMENT (DIP) Doctors and Hospitals set up maintain permanent file for every patient they treat.This file is …

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Career Definitions – MATHEMATICS


Career Definitions – MATHEMATICS ACTUARIAL SCIENCE (DEG/PG) MATHEMATICS – It is a field dealing with statistical, mathematical and financial calculation involving probability of payments, contingencies in pension and insurance palms such as insurance against losses arising from death, disability, sickness and unemployment and determine the proper basis and methods for …

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