Career Definitions – FURNITURE


Career Definitions – FURNITURE FURNITUREs DESIGNING (DIP) The furniture designers determines the needs and preferences of the clients and the potential  buyers and designs.Makes furnitures for homes, offices, hotels,stores and other uses. FURNITURES MAKER & DESIGNER (JOC / PG DIP) The furnitures maker and designer determine the needs and preferences of the …

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Career Definitions – FISHERIES


Career Definitions – FISHERIES FISH PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY (PG / PhD) FISHERIES Deals with large scale production, processing, storage of fish including manufacture of processed product by using fish as raw materials. FISHERY (CER / DEG / PGDIP / PG) Fishery involve the capture or harvest and also processing for profit, of sea, …

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Career Definitions – ENGINEERING


Career Definitions – ENGINEERING APPLIED MECHANICS (DEG/PG/Ph.D) It  refer to the application of mechanics or engineering mechanics to practical use. As  in construction of machines, structures distribution of load on structures, etc. ASTRONOMICAL INSTRUMENTATION (DEG) Astronomical instrumentation is a science dealing with various type of astronomical instruments design, manufacture, test, …

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Career Definitions – ELECTRONICS


 Career Definitions – ELECTRONICS DIGITAL ELECTRONICS (DIP) Digital electronic are a collection of elements that are capable of processing, storing, and communicating information that is represents in digital form digital electronics encompasses the design, implementation and application of these systems. DIGITAL ELECTRONICS & COMPUTER ELECTRONICS  (DIP) This subject deals mostly …

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Career Definitions – Electricians


Career Definitions –  Electricians ELECTRICAL PUMP & MOTOR REPAIR (CER) The  Electricians pump and motor repair technicians assemble, adjust, operate, maintain, modify, test and help design and repair electrical pump and motor. ELECTRICAL WIREMAN (DIP) Electrical wireman lays out, assembles, installs, tests and maintains electrical lighting as well as other …

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Career Definitions – EDUCATION


Career Definitions – EDUCATIONS ADULT EDUCATIONS (DIP / DEG) In the EDUCATIONS broadest sense, any kind of formal learning undertaken by or provided for mature men and women, but more strictly, those areas of such learning that do not include programmes leading towards degrees from established college and universities.Adult education …

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Career Definitions – ECONOMIC


Career Definitions – ECONOMIC AGRO BASED INDUSTRIES (DEG) ECONOMIC Industries based on agricultural raw material for example processed food, starch,edible oil textiles, dairy etc. BUSINESS ECONOMICS (DEG/PG) Business economics is to compile and interpret statistical data regarding the production of goods and services. Their work is hand in hand with …

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