Advertising Career

Career in Advertising

Advertising Career

 Advertising Career – “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising” – Mark Twain. So aptly defined by Mark twain in one sentence. Advertising is the art of conveying a message to the masses. Advertising is salesmanship. Advertising can make a big difference in a brand or product’s success or failure. Advertising is the process of informing & influencing the mass through visual or oral messages. To avail or buy various services or products.

Advertising Career is a $ 5 Billion business. The Most popular mediums for the purpose of advertising are –

  • Radio.
  • Newspapers.
  • Television.
  • Online websites.
  • Magazines.
  • Hoardings.

Advertising Career is one of the aspects of Mass communication. A product or service is advertised to the masses to create awareness in the minds of potential buyers.

According to a survey. An Average consumer is exposed to 3000 Advertising messages in a day.

Job Profile

Advertising plays an important role in today’s highly competitive world. Career in Advertising is quite a glamourous. At the same time, quite challenging too with more an more number of advertising agencies emerging fast.

The Major areas of Advertising are – 

  • Market Research.
  • Client servicing.
  • Photography.
  • Production.
  • Film & Television.
  • Creative Department.
  • Media Department.
  • Event & Exhibition Management.
  • Direct Marketing and Promotion.

Advertising is broadly divided into two categories – 

Creative & Executive.

Creative advertising includes visualizers, copywriters, scriptwriters, photographers, typographers. To have best Career in Advertising.

Most of the people believe a career in advertising is only about writing catchphrases and slogans, which ain’t truly completely. Writing happens to be a complex process . A writer needs to understand life more fully and translate that into a story.

Skills Required

  • Have an innate interest in people from different walks of life.
  • Must possess an insight into the psychology and behavior of the common man.
  • ABility to work well in a team set up i.e Good teamworking skills are necessary.
  • Being creative and thinking ‘out of the box’ is the most vital skill required in this profession. A wide imagination is very essential.
  • Critical thinking is very vital skill too.
  • Problem solving ability are very useful in Advertising.
  • He/ she must possess excellent communication skills. This is another must have, as Career in Advertising is one aspect of mass communication.
  • One needs to be enthusiastic about his/ her work.
  • Should be able to multi task well.
  • People skills i.e interpersonal skills are vital requirement for Career in Advertising.
  • Efficient decision making skills are also needed here.
  • Must be able to handle stress and work under pressure and meet the deadlines well.
  • Persuasiveness is also a necessary skill.
  • Analytical skills are considered as essential as an other vital skill in this profession.
  • One should equip themselves with skills such as analyzing the client’s needs.
  • Research skills also help a lot in finding out about the services and products they are required to sell.

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