Agronomy Careers

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Career in Agronomy

Agronomy Careers

[su_row][su_column][ads1][/su_column][su_column] Agronomy is a branch of Agricultural Science which deals with the holistic & integrated perspective of Agriculture.The word “Agronomy” is derived from two words ‘Field’ and ‘Management’. 

Agronomy Careers application is in the field of agriculture to improve the quality & production of crops and also to solve the problems faced in agricultural such as those related with weeds, pests, resource & waste management.[/su_column][/su_row]Agronomy Careers, being a field of agriculture, would affect each and every person from the society. From the clothes we wear to food we eat to the gases in use by us humans are all influenced by Agronomy.

Agronomy Careers is a field of Agricultural Science which encompasses the following areas under it

  • Meteorology.
  • Social Science.
  • Plant Physiology.
  • Plant Genetics.

Job Profile

Agronomists, also known as Crop Scientists, specialize in improving and producing of food crops through conducting experiments and developing methods of production. Agronomists, being Plant Scientists, will have many Career in Agronomy paths, but Career in Agronomy are mostly focused on increasing the quality and amount of food produced for the nation’s food supply.

Agronomists develop innovative farm technologies & practices that not only improve the quality and yield of crops, but also in controlling the weeds and pests and therefore protecting our crops and hence, the environment.

Their job duties involve managing planting of crops and their harvesting and to implement more efficient practices in farming and to better the crop yields.

Agronomists deal with interactions among plants, soils & the environment using sophisticated research techniques & tools to develop new crop varieties & hybrids that grow more efficiently and more beneficial to society.

Skills Required

  • To be able to facilitate farmer discussion groups & knowledge transfer.
  • To plan the use of pest control measures and to implement plans for pest control.
  • To advise farmers and growers on how to get best out of their yields.
  • Since an Agronomist would have multiple tasks at hand, He/ she needs to be very well organised.
  • He/ she must adapt a friendly and approachable nature, to ease the farmers in approaching them.
  • Excellent communication skills are must have skills for any Agronomist.
  • Must be able to adopt a flexible approach to work.
  • Must have an Agricultural background.
  • Must possess sound knowledge in Crop production.
  • Must inhabit excellent analytical skills to be able to innovate new methods and to conduct research as well.
  • Excellent administrative skills are also essential.
  • One must have critical thinking skills and abilities.
  • One of the most important skill is to carry a favorable attitude towards working in field in different locations.
  • One must be able to work well within a team set up i.e Good team-working skills.

Salary Packages

Salary package in the field of Career in Agronomy depends upon the employer, qualification and position of agronomists. An entry level Agronomist can command a salary of around 7,000 INR to 12,000 INR a month.

Job Prospects 

Career in Agronomy is a very promising field in India as it is in direct relation to Agriculture as the demand for food crops and agriculture will only be increasing with the passage of time.

Agronomists find themselves employed in almost all sectors, some of the examples are-

  • Consulting.
  • Production.
  • Research.
  • Education.
  • Business.
  • Government.
  • International Assistance.
  • Management.
  • Development.

Some of the companies/ organisations in Government sector are

  • Cooperative extension service.
  • Bureau of Land management.
  • Dept. of Land affairs.
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  • Farm services Agency.

The various positions an Agronomist would find himself in are

  • Researchers.
  • Farm managers.
  • Precision Agriculture Specialists.
  • Chemical and Fertilizer Salesperson.
  • District sales managers in Seeds companies.
  • Grain elevator managers.
  • Environmental consultants.
  • Agriculture Loan officers.
  • Production specialists.
  • Soil Scientists.
  • Commodity Traders.

How Do I get There ?

  • The Candidate must have passed his 10+2 from Science discipline.
  • One can opt for a Bachelor’s in Agronomy after his / her 12th Science discipline.