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Career in Animation

Animation Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Animation Career has seen a dramatic surge in the past few years in India. The constant demand for bringing something new & exciting on the screen has kept the animation industry on a high. 

Animation Career in India is fast catching up with its talent & some of the biggest animated movies from the west have Indian animators working on them. Animated movies are fast gaining popularity & are some of the highest grossing movies in the world today. By the looks of it, Career in Animation is there to stay & boy, do we wanna see some action !! 

Job Profile 

Animators carry different responsibilities at different stages of the production. But basically, Career in Animation an animator’s job is to use the tools at hand and bring life to the sketches and drawings and to animate them and to express and create. There are various software’s developed by different companies which are employed by animators to deliver their end product.

Skill sets 

The skill sets that an animator needs to possess is a flair for drawing, keen observation and great imagination. Must be able to create relevant expressive sketches. Since an animator’s work is through computers & software. He should be able to use them accurately and get the finished product accordingly.

Job Prospects & Salary package 

  • There are immense job prospects for a skilled animator.
  • Skills, creativity & imagination go hand-in-hand for an animator.
  • The ever increasing use of special effects in movies.
  • Use of animation in games has kept the jobs flowing in for an animator.
  • A skilled animator can command anywhere between 10,000 I NR to 15,000 I NR as a fresher.
  • The pay is even more depending upon the area, company and project one is working upon.

Popular animation companies 

  • VIbgyor360 animation studio.
  • Creative media-plus technologies pvt ltd.
  • 2 D animation studio.
  • DreaMart.
  • Dhruva interactive.
  • Animaster.


  • B.Sc in Multimedia & Animation.
  • BA- 3 D animation.
  • BA- Animation.
  • Bachelors in 3 D animation.
  • Diploma in 3 D animation.
  • M.Sc animation.
  • PG Diploma in Animation.
  • 3 D animation (Maya).