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Career in Anthropology

Anthropology Careers

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Anthropology is a branch of science which studies the origin, the physical, cultural and social development and behavior of mankind. Anthropology Careers encompassed the study of the origin of human species as well as its social & cultural structures. 

Anthropology Careers is the comparative study of human differences & similarities. Career in Anthropology studies the evolution of man at different ages as well as the cultural & physical diversity among humans, living in different parts of the world in diverse environments around the same period of time. 

Anthropology is originally a natural science. But over the years it has evolved into a much complex & technical field which not only studies our society, but also Human evolution and these days. It is treated with high regards as a great supporter of Pluralism and Multiculturalism.

Unfortunately, Anthropology as a field of study and Career in Anthropology options remains one among the lesser known and less popular career option with respect to other careers.

Job Profile

  • Anthropologists are required to work extensively in field of research and field work.
  • Anthropology is divided into four branches of specialization.
  • The four branches are known as four field approach –
    • ​Sociology cultural anthropology.
    • Linguistic Anthropology.
    • Archaeology.
    • Biological Anthropology.
  • Social Career in Anthropology deals with social, cultural dimension of human being.
  • Among the institutes that employ anthropologists, the major employer is Anthropological survey of India.
  • A Linguistic anthropologist examines different languages and the roles they play in our society and worlds and changes to language over a period of time.
  • Biophysical anthropologists study the evolution of Human body. Locating earliest evidences of human life on earth and perform research on influence of biology & culture on each other.
  • Those involved in field work would need to stay outdoors for long periods of time.Generally in less populated areas, studying certain ethnic groups or ancient artifacts.
  • The work can be physically & mentally exhausting. As the anthropologist would be working in locations which aren’t so high in comfort.

Skills Required

  • Must be prepared for physical hard work , i.e travelling to hard to reach locations, remote areas, etc.
  • He/ she should be unbiased and open minded.
  • When on field work or research, it ain’t your regular 9 to 5 desk job, So one needs to be ready for such an unpredictable and on-the road kinda life.
  • One needs to have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Since an anthropologist will have multiple tasks at hand, he/ she must be very well organised.
  • He/ she should be good in languages in the areas they are operating, quick learning skills are essential.
  • They must be able to work well in a team set up, hence, good team working abilities are important.
  • They must be flexible, outgoing and friendly in nature.
  • They should have an inquiring and inquisitive mind.

Salary Packages 

  • Freshers can expect a salary ranging from 8,000 I NR to 10,000 I NR a month. Field work or research work is generally done through grant money from national or international funding agencies, so expect some tough competition when going solo.
  • For non-research based jobs, the pay is generally good.
  • In fact, some companies prefer Career in Anthropology graduates over MBA graduates.
  • Recruiters, C S R executives, and ethics managers are some posts for which anthropologists will be hired for in corporate companies.

Job Prospects 

Career in Anthropology option is slowly gaining ground. Multinationals and other companies are slowly but steadily seeing the value & have already started working with anthropologists.

Applied anthropology, Development anthropology, and Physical anthropology is gaining ground and finds application in business and management in Career in Anthropology.

How Do I get There ?

  • The candidate with biology as a subject in science stream and passing with minimum of 50% marks, is eligible from Bachelor’s degree of Anthropology.
  • The duration of the course is 3 years.