Archaeology Careers

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Career in Archaeology

Archaeology Careers

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Archaeology is an interdisciplinary activity. That revolves around the investigation of material development made by earlier human societies. Career in Archaeology is the main method available for learning about the history of such civilizations. 

Archaeology Careers / Archaeological findings can reveal and unveil a rich store of social structure, economic organization, information about the beliefs, & environmental effects of past societies. Archaeology as a field refers to the orderly and scientific study of the culture and life of the past generations.

In fact, Career in Archaeology is the science that helps to build up a picture of the past. In India, the importance of preserving the rich and cultural heritage was initiated by General Alexander Cunningham. It was he who established the Archaeological Survey of India in 1862 for the maintenance, conservation and preservation of centrally protected monuments and archaeological sites in the country.

Archaeology Careers Job Profile

Archaeologists carry out various tasks like

  • Initial field work.
  • Excavation of sites.
  • Periodical categorization of the sites and artifacts besides dating and interpretation of excavated materials.

Career in Archaeology is a challenging & rewarding career for those who have an analytical bent of mind and a keen desire to know about the past and history.

Archaeologists probe into the past and define earlier civilizations. Their findings & research are maintained and preserved future and present learnings.

Archaeologists these days, with the advent of technology. They have enhanced the accuracy of their work and with scientific techniques of carbon dating of artifacts and the application of DNA analysis.

Skills Required

  • One should have an enquiring and inquisitive mind. Since this field is more about trying to unravel the mysteries of the past.
  • Career in Archaeology one must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • One must be very enthusiastic and passionate to work as an Archaeologist. As only these two things would make the journey easy for you.
  • He / she must be able to work well within a team set up i.e. Should have good team working skills.
  • They must be flexible, outgoing and friendly in nature.
  • Since an archaeologist will have multiple tasks at hand, he/ she must be very well organised.
  • When on field work or research, it ain’t your regular 9 to 5 desk job. So one needs to be ready for such an unpredictable and on-the road kinda life.
  • Must be prepared for physical hard work, i.e. travelling to difficult to reach locations, remote areas, etc.

Salary Packages

  • Since The nature of job prospects varies initially, the salary too is varied.
  • An entry level Archaeologist may command a salary ranging from 8,000 INR to 10,000 INR a month.
  • Field work or research work is generally done through grant money from national or international funding agencies.
  • So expect some tough competition.

Job Prospects

  • Archaeological survey of India (ASI) is the major recruiter for Archaeologists at both the national and state level in India.
  • There are three main areas where an Archaeologist can work  –
    • ​Teaching.
    • Research.
    • Working in Museums.
  • Moreover, openings are also available for socio-cultural Archaeologists with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Who seek their expertise in understanding of relations between industry and society.
  • The profession of Archaeology of offers interesting job opportunities to those who have a fascination for the past.
  • Specialists in field of Archaeology can also work as Numismatists & Epigraphists.
  • Archaeologists can also work in govt. sectors by applying for examinations conducted by Union Public Service commission or Staff Selection commission.

How Do I get There ?

At the Undergraduate level, To get into a bachelor’s degree in Archaeology. Career in Archaeology, the candidate must have passed 10+2 with history as a subject.

The Courses in Archaeology Careers are

  • Master in Arts (Archaeology & Ancient Indian History).
  • Master in Arts (Archaeology).
  • Diploma Courses in Archaeology.
  • Postgraduate diploma in Archaeology.

Graduates in History in any stream for Career in Archaeology with an aggregate of 55% marks. Can apply for Diploma, Post graduation (M.Sc/ M.A), Postgraduation diploma in different fields of Archaeology.