Auctioneer Career

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Career in Auctioneer

Auctioneer Career

The word auctioneer creates an image of a man standing behind a desk on a stage with a small hammer in his/ her hand and shouting numbers and seeing prospective bids in the podium. While bid-calling is a crucial part of an auctioneer’s job profile and Auctioneer Career , It is but a small aspect of an Auctioneer’s work duties. Auctioneers act as a designated sales person for an agency, family, sponsors or insolvent company who intend to auction valuables, players, products or even properties. 

Though the job of an Auctioneer Career may seem like a lucrative profession, but success is not a sure thing. Job can be daunting when there are no bids at hand and reputation is built up slowly.

Job Profile

Some of the tasks/ duties that an Auctioneer may be required to do are

  • Preparing a catalog or brochure and distribute it among the potential buyers.
  • To organised the items or stuff at the auction and to have everything well planned and executed.
  • To appraise the items at the auction and to present their value and their lineage, if any.
  • To start the auction with the beginning bid and to move up as the bids come in and to coordinate with them accordingly.
  • To advertise through onsite flyers, newspapers, online websites etc.
  • To have a meeting with the seller and to gauge information regarding the item to be auctioned and to take necessary data along.
  • To make note of the background specifics and the unique attributes of the items to be auctioned.

An Auctioneer Career would be responsible for selling various items at public auctions which are held by court orders or by agencies or any other auction houses.

Skills required

  • Marketing skills are very essential.
  • One needs to have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Researching skills are also vital.
  • Must be confident and able to handle all the tasks and duties of an auction with ease and comfort.
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills too, as this is one of the vital skill in this profession.
  • Must have good observational skills and must be focused on the task performing.
  • Must be able to handle pressure and meet the necessary deadlines.
  • Strong analytical skills are also important.
  • Must have the ability to pay attention to detail.
  • Since this profession can be intellectually challenging at times, One must be able to handle it well i.e Strong Intellectual mind is also important.
  • Since an auctioneer will have multiple tasks or duties at hand, He/ she must have strong organisational skills.
  • One needs to have a great aptitude at managing an auction.

Salary Package

Entry level salary for an Auctioneer Career will be in the range from 1,50,000 I NR to 2,00,000 I NR per annul.

Job Prospects 

The job prospects for Auctioneer Career are not so bright. For those starting their way as an auctioneer, Charity functions and fundraising functions are a good way to start their career as an auctioneer. But salaries won’t be very promising though.

Other than charity & fundraising functions, Some other areas where one can apply for are –

  • Government based auctions.
  • Real estate agencies.
  • Auctioneering firms.

One needs to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for buyers to think, analyse and make their bids and to feel great about the experience.

How Do I get There ?

There is no formal education required to be an auctioneer. Most of the auction houses or agencies hire graduates from fine arts. But the learning and training for this profession is done on the job itself.

Requirements vary between employer to employer, and graduates of mass communication also stand a chance to apply for this profession.