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Career in Ayurvedic


Ayurvedic Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Ayurveda is known as the oldest healing technique known to Indians. It evolved in Ancient India at around 600 B.C. The term ‘ Ayurveda’ is derived from ‘ayur’ which means Life & ‘Veda’ which means knowledge, practiced by ayurvedic scholars known as ‘Vaidyas’.

Ayurveda is founded on the belief that Humans & nature should exist in perfect harmony and any imbalance causes diseases & ailments to occur. Ayurvedic career practitioner’s job is to find the cause of imbalance in the equilibrium between human & nature. He/She may employ Ayurvedic holistic techniques to analyse it & derive the best remedy accordingly. There are many therapies which would use herbs, oils etc.

Skills Required 

The skill sets that an ayurvedic practitioner needs to inhabit are basically

  • clinical observation skills.
  • visual.
  • tactile.
  • olfactory acuity.

Olfactory acuity is basically heightened sense of smell.

Job Prospects 

An ayurvedic practitioner would find employment either in Govt. or Private hospitals or Clinics. Or else, He/she can practise independently with their own Ayurvedic clinics. They may also find work as Supervisors in ‘Panch Karma’ (Ayurvedic massage)/ Health centers. One can seek work in Colleges & institutes as tutors or can work in spas in Hotels or Spa centers.

Salary Package

Pay grade for An ayurvedic practitioner depends upon their designation & place of work. A Qualified ayurvedic doctor may command anywhere between 20,000 I NR to 25,000 I NR. In Govt. hospitals, the pay scale may range from 8,000 I NR to 13,500 I NR.

How Do I get there ?

A Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic career can be either a B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) or a degree of ‘Ayurvedacharya’.

  • Duration of B.A.M.S is 5 ½ years , plus one year with internship.
  • Eligibility criteria for B.A.M.S is Higher secondary / P U C or an equivalent examination.
  • Another option is to go through an intermediate (Ayurvedic group- Physics, Chemistry, Ayurveda, & Biology).
  • Minimum age is 17 years.
  • Exams for admission to a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic career are ‘All india pre-medical/ pre-dental entrance exam’ conducted by CBSE, this examination is not applicable to students from Jammu & Kashmir and Andhra pradesh.
  • There are Pre-med entrance exams conducted by respective boards in each state as well.