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Builder Career

If You haven’t grown up and still enjoy building blocks and Lego houses, then a career as a builder might be the job for you. One doesn’t need to worry about whether he’s a fit in or not. No longer does a man scaffold in his ill-fitting jeans, shouting and howling over concrete structures. These days, A builder’s job is fast-paced, challenging and also pretty rewarding.

A Builder’s / Builder Career job is made clear right there in the word itself i.e Building. Whether it is repairing of maintenance jobs. Career as a Builder or whether it is about laying down roads or whether it is to build a complete house right from the scratch.

In Builder Career The Main areas under building are

  • Industrial & Commercial (Example- Factories, Shopping complexes).
  • Non-residential public enclosures.
  • Maintenance & repair.
  • Private & Public Housing.

Tasks of a builder initially would include

  • Assembling & disassembling scaffolding.
  • Helping in smaller tasks.
  • Delivering & distributing supplies.
  • To prep the construction area.
  • Learning of new skills from experienced candidates.

Skills/ Personality Required

A Builder’s skills sets are pretty much what is expected in a building work.

  • Welding.
  • Scaffolding.
  • Applying concrete.
  • Hazardous waste removal & Repairing.
  • To be able to read blue prints.
  • Calculate dimensions & estimate the building material needs.
  • Physically capable.
  • To be able to operate & handle machinery equipment.

Employment Opportunities

With skyscrapers at every nook & corner in the metros and multi-stored buildings in every town, and lack of Skilled labor has put a high demand for skilled Career as a Builder. The real estate & infrastructure industry is seeing a steep growth since past decade in India. Employment opportunities are abundant.

How do I get there ??

A Builder’s job is pure brute force, One needs to be only able to read & communicate what is required on their job. Prior experience is seen in professional real estate establishments. One needs to be physically fit and active. A builder’s job is quite strenuous. Career as a Builder can approach any Real estate or Professional Building agencies and seek work. There isn’t really any set criteria, it would depend upon the establishment and working environment.

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