Career as a Teacher

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Career as a Teacher

Career as a Teacher

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Career as a Teacher contribute to the society immensely. Teaching is one of the oldest and noblest professions known to man. It has been there as long as humans started walking the earth. With Teaching, One not only develops the intellectual ability and aptitude of the students but also regulates the behavior of the society in an indirect manner.

Career as a Teacher are not only groom their students to excel in the chosen field, but also to imbibe a sense of responsibility in their scholars, as citizens of the country. It is a career option which has multiple specializations. The candidate choose Career as a Teacher in nursery schools, Secondary and Primary schools, HIgher secondary schools, Institutions, colleges, Universities, Tutorials, etc.

Teachers have always been regarded highly in our society, holding a place of pride in Indian Milieus and ethos. Since time immemorial, Teachers have always played the role of a catalyst for social changes in society.

Job Profile

On the basic level, A teacher’s job profile would include

  • Planning, preparing & delivering lessons to all students in the class.
  • Teaching according to the educational needs, to make the subject clear and to answer every query asked by the student.
  • Teaching according to the abilities and achievements of the individual students and groups of students.
  • Checking and assessing student’s work.
  • Monitoring playground and extra curricular activities in secondary and primary school level.
  • Promoting the general progress & well being of individual students, groups of students or class entrusted to him / her.
  • Registering and monitoring the attendance of students under one’s care.
  • Assigning work, correcting & marking work carried out by his / her students.
  • Reviewing & evaluating one’s own teaching strategies and improving upon it.

Skills Required

  • Cognitive skills – Teachers must be able to learn, select, understand, & use teaching strategies appropriate to the level of intellectual ability of the students.
  • Since the main duty in Career as a Teacher is to explain the subject and make the students understand the subject and get a better grasp on the topic and subject in general.
  • Strong Classroom management is very essential for a Teacher for smooth and efficient learning of the students.
  • Since a Teacher would be having multiple tasks at hand and at times many subjects and classes simultaneously, He/ she should be very well organized.
  • A teacher must be open for discussions, friendly, easily accessible and social.
  • A Teacher must come fully prepared to the class and must be clear about the topic under discussion that day.
  • A Teacher must not possess a hot temperament.
  • With the introduction of Technology in education, A Teacher these days must be tech savvy.
  • Patience, High tolerance are qualities which would help a teacher in the long run
  • A Teacher must possess Leadership qualities, as a teacher’s duty is to guide the students well
  • A Teacher would have a wide variety of support staff and to work together as a team is important, Hence Teamworking skills are also essential.
  • A Teacher himself/ herself needs to be a constant learner and imbibe that knowledge into the students.
  • A teacher must know how to adapt the lesson according to the student’s capability, so that all the students learn optimally.

Job Prospects

A Teacher in India may be employed in one of the following types of School or institution –

  • Play schools.
  • Nursery schools.
  • Primary/elementary schools.
  • Secondary schools.
  • Colleges/ Universities.
  • Educational research institutes.
  • Starting one’s own tutorials and coaching institutes.
  • Special schools- it deals with children having physical and mental handicap and learning disabilities.

There are abundant job opportunities for Career as a Teacher in India, being the second most populous country in India, and We have a huge scope here for Teachers.

Salary Packages

As far as Teaching field goes, Career as a Teacher have far better prospects in Government owned schools & colleges, A central school primary or secondary teacher may command a salary package of 20,000 INR to 25,000 INR a month.

On the other hand, Private schools may offer a salary package of 8,000 INR to 15,000 INR a month depending upon the school, city and location of the school.

A Career as a Teacher may earn higher packages by teaching in colleges, Government grade teachers may earn anywhere between 12,400 INR to 22,400 INR a month.

How Do I get There ?

  • The eligibility criteria depends upon the type of school one is employed in.
  • To be able to Teach in a Nursery school – Minimum qualification is 10+2
  • For employment in Middle school as a Teacher – Minimum Qualification is 10+2, and The candidate must have passed Teachers Training Certificate (TTC) or its equivalent.
  • For High Schools – Minimum Qualification is Graduation,. Most compulsorily require a Bachelor in Education (B.Ed)
  • For Colleges / Universities- Post graduate degree is required, One needs to also qualify the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by the UGC.