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Career Counselor

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Career as a Career Counselor work as the name suggests is to assist people in career & study related issues and to guide them accordingly. Their work is to help people in finding the right job suitable to their personality & aptitude. With new courses & specializations coming up every day. Studying in any stream isn’t as simple as it used to be in the past decades. Counselling is seeked by students to help them make Career as a Career Counselor related decisions, which is a very pivotal decision in anyone’s life.

Career Counselor Job Profile

A Career as a Career Counselor Job is to get all the necessary details such as his/her personality traits, nature, temperament, education background and grades, their aptitude, skills & talents into consideration. To make their career path clear for them and to provide them the best career options accordingly. The goal is to provide them with the best balance of job satisfaction & the pay scale. Apart from the one’s who are just entering into their career, Career counselors also assist those who are not happy with their current course of career, those who want to know if they can take a career diversion or how to make the best career decisions way into one’s career.

Skills / Personality Required

Since a Career as a Career Counselor work is related to solving people’s issues, they need to have a wide variety of skills & their personality has to be friendly, assertive, outgoing & a people’s person.

A Career Counselor needs to be

  • Highly attentive.
  • Great listener.
  • Keen observation skills.
  • Ability to make proper judgments.
  • To be able to devise a career plan specific to each person.
  • Good Communication skills.
  • Ability for great insight to understand their clients.
  • A friendly nature & melancholic temperament.
  • Ability to deal with the children in a neutral manner.
  • Open mindedness.
  • Strong ethical sense.
  • Keeping a positive outlook.

Salary Packages

  • A senior counselor with a degree in MA Psychology with a Post graduate Diploma in career & guidance can command up to 17,000 I NR / month.
  • A clinical psychologist with a M. Phil degree can make up to 30,000 I NR / month. Depends on the expertise.

Employment Opportunities

A career counselor may seek work either in a school, college, Hospital, Online career guidance websites or can set up his/ her own career counselling service independently. Career counselors are in great demand these days with students more confused then ever before and people willing to go the extra mile to get the best career options suited for them.

Most Experienced Career counselors work independently and write columns and articles in newspapers, websites & other media platforms.