Career in Meteorology

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Career in Meteorology

Career in Meteorology

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Career in MeteorologyMeteorologist, atmospheric scientist in layman’s terms, study the components, characteristics of our earth’s atmosphere.

The various equipment’s in use by Career in Meteorology are

  • Remote sensing instruments (Lidar, satellites, radar etc).
  • Barometer.
  • Radiosondes.
  • Anemometer.
  • Thermometer.
  • Rain gauge.

Career in Meteorology equipment’s are used to measure humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speeds, rainfall, air quality, etc. The significance of a Meteorologist’s work has increased overtime since there has been a drastic effect of pollution in the environment, deforestation, and global warming.

Meteorology can be defined as a branch of atmospheric science that deals with weather forecasting and its processes.

Job Profile

A Meteorologist’s / Career in Meteorology work profile falls into two main categories – Forecasting & research.

A Meteorologist’s work is to use mathematical & computerized models to make long and short-range forecasts concerning climate and weather patterns.

In Research

  • A meteorologist would investigate subjects such as physics of clouds and precipitation, global climate change etc
  • improving upon the old ones and developing new computerized & numerical models to predict atmospheric processes and to improve upon the accuracy of weather forecasting

In Weather Forecasting

  • In order to get transmission from international networks, A meteorologist must code weather reports.
  • Collecting data from remote sensors, weather stations, radars and satellites from around the globe.
  • Measuring humidity, air pressure, temperature at various levels of different atmospheric pressure.

Skills Required

  • Must have sound knowledge in Maths and statistics in order to successfully execute his/ her job.
  • Must possess Excellent work ethic.
  • A meteorologist must always be alert and quick enough to prepare the reports in times of emergencies.
  • Must be technology savvy.
  • He/ she should be an analytical thinker.
  • He / she should possess natural intelligence.
  • A meteorologist would benefit by having an inner interest in earth and its weather components.
  • Must be able to undertake methodical and precise work.
  • He/ she should be interpretive and analytical skills are a must.
  • Should be able to examine and analyse complex data.
  • Should have an inquiring mind.
  • Must be able to organize and conduct research.
  • Should have a flair for Physics.

Salary Package

A fresher beginner in this field can expect a salary in the range of 10,000 INR to 15,000 INR a month. A meteorologist can command a salary of 50,000 In a month after gaining relevant experience and expertise.

Job Prospects

Some of the institutions where a meteorologist can be hired for

  • Indian Meteorological Dept.
  • Indian institute of science.
  • Space application center.
  • Indian air force.
  • Indian space research organization.
  • Defense Research & development organization.

Meteorologist’s are mostly hired by government sector companies. There are some private companies who hire a meteorologist to examine environmental pollution control in the industry.

A country’s defense services employ meteorologists to find out if the following movements are possible, if the weather is favorable or not

  • Missile launches.
  • Ship movements.
  • Airline flights.
  • Troop movements.

How Do I get there ?

There are some universities/colleges which provides a course in meteorology in india, some of them are

  • Andhra University.
  • MS university of baroda.
  • IIT kharagpur.
  • Cochin university of science & technology.
  • Punjab university, patiala.
  • Bharatiyar university.
  • Indian institute of tropical meteorology.
  • Indian institute of technology, Delhi.

For an undergraduate course in meteorology after 12th one needs to pass 12th science stream with Physics, chemistry and Maths combination.

Some of the most popular courses in meteorology or related to it offered by colleges in India are

  • M.Tech Meteorology.
  • PhD.
  • B.Tech Meteorology / Atmospheric science.
  • Diploma – Meteorology & atmospheric science.
  • M.Sc – Meteorology.