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Career in Sports


Career in Sports

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Career in sports has emerged as one of the lucrative career options in India. Although Cricket dominates the sports scene in India, Other sports are slowly catching up in popularity too. Sports, which used to be thought of as just an hobby, is now being seen as a serious career option for us Indians.

The success of Indian Career in Sports persons in international.

Career in Sports events and garnering higher ranks in their respective sports has brought the focus on sports as a career option. A Career for a successful sports person comes with its share of glamour & fame, But this doesn’t come easy. A career in Sports requires focus, talent, dedication and last but not the least, passion.

Job Profile

For those who are willing to make a career in Sports have many sports to choose from and also many options available for them to opt as a career path. They can either opt to be a sportsperson full time or else be a sports coach or instructor and can also make their way into the sub fields like sports journalism, Sports management, sports medicine, event management and facility management (Maintaining sports academies and stadiums).

To be a Sports person, the sooner he/ she begins the better.

The Job profiles of a sports person depends on the career path he/ she has taken within the selected sport. But the idea in all the career path is one and only one, to be better at the chosen sport and to excel in it in ways that would turn heads and get them trophies and appreciation from all corners.

Skills Required

The following skill sets are required for a person willing to make a career in sports –

  • Commitment towards the profession and towards the game as a whole.
  • He/ she needs to have excellent communication skills, more verbal than written.
  • He/ she must have a passion towards the chosen sport and must not feel a burden or just as a task.
  • He/ she must be work well in a team, Team spirit is very vital.
  • Must be Physically fit and must take care of one’s health and fitness levels.
  • Must have zest to better themselves and to excel in one’s chosen sport.
  • Strong Perseverance and determination are also needed, with talent of course.

Salary Package

Well, Sports is a very tricky field , either you are up in the sky surrounded by fame, glamour and wealth or one can even find it difficult to pay their house bills. But times are slowly changing for Sports persons in India.

The remuneration one may be able to get depends completely on the level of excellence one’s performing and the chosen sport.

For Example – In India, A National level Cricketer stands to make higher than a national level Hockey player.

Job Prospects

Some of the places one can seek job in, are

  • Sports colleges & institutions.
  • Sports clubs.
  • Leisure clubs.
  • Colleges.
  • Schools.
  • Sports Authority of India.
  • Fitness Centers.
  • Electronic media.
  • Newspapers.
  • Sports academies, etc,

Sports has gained considerable reputation and opened up many career opportunities for young talents in India.

After gaining considerable training and hundreds of hours practice through Sports training academies or even otherwise, One can apply for state level competitions and then climb up the ladder to nation & international level competitions.

How Do I get there ?

  • One can start by getting trained under the various Sports Authority of India facilities spread across the nation.
  • One can apply for training in Sports Authority of India after completing his/ her 12th.
  • One must his/ her training otherwise since childhood, as the sooner one starts his/ her training the better.