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Cinematographer Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Cinematographer Career – Have you always liked clicking pictures and shooting videos through your phone or camera ??.. Were you always intrigued to click and shoot better quality images and videos ??… If you’re familiar with the words ‘Lens’ ‘Aperture’ ‘Focus’ ?. Then a career as a cinematographer is one of the best career option for you. A Cinematographer career  job is to get the best possible quality of video captured in the camera and to make it relevant to the subject and material.

Cinematographer Career Job Profile

Though basically a cinematographer’s job is more art than technique, The technical knowledge is also very important. With the advent in technology, These days all cinematographers employ digital cameras and the change has been happily welcomed by one and all. Gone are the days when Cinematographer Career used to use negative nitrate film to shoot and then it was sent to the lab to develop, These days all it needs is a small tape or chip and a computer with relevant software to see the end result.

Cinematographer career​ work involves the following aspects

  • Scene compositions.

  • Conceptualising and supervising lighting of the set.

  • Assisting in conceptualising of special effects.

  • choosing locations.

  • To use the available equipment, lighting and angle to get the best shots.

  • to provide creative inputs.

Skills / Personality Required

Cinematographer Career needs to possess technical and creative skill sets

  • Being able to frame perfect shots and shoot them without losing focus and other necessary elements.

  • Excellent artistic eye (Eye is the most important tool of a cinematographer).

  • Knowledge about film speed, lighting, camera angles, etc.

  • How to make exposure work and to get the best lighting for the specific shot.

  • Knowledge and ability to handle and operate dollies, camera equipment, jimmy etc.
  • Keen observation and a good listener.

  • Patience and ability to work in tough environments.

  • Must be able to work well as a team and lead his own team well.

  • Must be able to make sound judgements.

Employment Opportunities

With India being the world’s largest producer of Movies and highest number of television channels spanning multiple languages, A skilled Cinematographer Career is always in demand. One needs to assist a senior and well-experienced cinematographer for as long as one needs to learn the practical aspects of the job and to get the confidence to hold up his own as an individual Cinematographer Career. The abundant opportunities also mean that there is tough competition, which implies that being well qualified and skilled helps in getting good work and would be a boost to one’s career.

Pay Scale

  • In Mumbai, A Chief Cinematographer Career may command 2 – 3 percent of the film’s budget.
  • In other regional language movies, the pay can be one percent of the budget.
  • A Fresh assistant director may get anywhere from 84,000 to 96,000 I N R per year depending upon the budget of the film and the production house.