Civil Engineer Career

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Career in Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Civil engineering is defined as one of the leading engineering discipline and one of the most valuable lately, which deals with maintenance, building, design and construction of the structures such as roads, dams, canals, buildings, monuments, bridges etc. A degree in civil engineering will prepare you for the work in the construction field as an engineer Civil Engineer career.

Civil Engineer Career Job Profile

If one is interested to design and build structures, then one can opt for a Civil Engineer Career. A Civil Engineer career is both challenging and rewarding, off late it has gained tremendous momentum with the infrastructure boom.

A civil Engineer Job Profile includes 

  • Working with builders, architects, landscape artists, and environmentalists.

  • Analyzing risks related to natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, forest fires etc. and to design and construct structures which could tolerate as much as possible when such calamities occur.

  • Assisting govt. bodies in preparing of their yearly programs and complete them within set budgets.

  • To produce detailed and intricate designs and to document the construction & implementation of the civil projects.

  • supervising the drafting plans & preparing relevant calculations for the design of the projects.

  • To check the sites and devise the perfect design and the appropriate materials to build the foundation for each project.

Skills / Personality Required

  • Must be able to identify, analyze and solve the problems faced in construction, maintenance or design.

  • Excellent written as well as oral communication skills.
  • Good listener.

  • Must be a team player and work well in a team setting.

  • Creative & practical.

  • Aptitude for design & computing.

  • Must be able to work and deliver without anyone’s supervision.

  • Must be responsible enough.

  • Must be willing to adhere and contribute in the safety requirements of a project.

Employment Opportunities

The opportunities for a civil engineer are abundant in these times of infrastructure boom. High rise buildings emerging in every big town and multi stored buildings coming up in every small town, A civil engineer is in very much demand.