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Company Secretary Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]With the Company Secretaries Act, 1980. A Profession course of Company Secretary was brought into existence by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (I C S I). A Career in Company Secretary is vital for a company’s management.

A course in Company Secretary would impart understanding and knowledge to the students to deal with corporate and legal affairs. Company Secretary Career handles all the standard financial and legal matters of a company. Though they aren’t supposed to give corporate legal advice all the time. They should have a knowledge of the legal matters that affect their area of work.

Company Secretary Career Job Opportunities 

Over the past couple of years in result to the rapid corporation. The role of a Career in Company Secretary has become more and more prominent. A company secretary is required by a company/Organization whose paid-up capital is above 50 Lakhs I NR. This has substantially increased the demand for Company Secretaries in India.

A Career in Company Secretary acts as an important link between the Company, shareholders, board of directors, and other regulatory agencies. A company secretary plays a variety of roles in a company such as compliance officer, Strategic manager, corporate planner.

The Main areas of observation for a Career in Company Secretary are

  • Legal.

  • Financial.

  • Administrative & Personnel Functions.

A company secretary handles all the matters related to 

  • State Sales Tax.

  • Company Sales Tax.

  • Excise Laws.

  • Labor Laws.

  • Corporate laws.

Pay Scale

A Company Secretary in India may command a salary between 28,000 INR to 40,000 INR depending upon the company, grades etc. A company secretary, other than the pay also stands a chance for various other perks such as non-monetary benefits including Pay, insurance, holidays, access to credit for transport & housing.

Skills Required

  • Good Listener.

  • Should be able to talk to the point and ask appropriate & relevant questions.

  • Understanding written paragraphs & sentences in the documents which are work related.

  • Should be able to convey information effectively.

  • Be able to help people in tough times.

  • Time Management & Co -ordination.

  • Excellent in using MS Excel, Power-point and MS word.

  • Good Organisational skills.

  • Ability to compile reports.

  • Ability to prioritize work and to reply to general correspondence.