Computer Science Engineer Career

Career in Computer Science Engineer

Computer Science Engineer Career

When the IT industry in India had a dramatic success and gained subsequent momentum. The vacancies for a computer engineer came in like a tsunami. The pay was also nice & there were many additional perks and  a stable and  reputable job too. It made everyone’s head turn & soon Indians were waking up to the IT boom and wanting to taste it’s success themselves. Computer Engineer Career Engineering colleges starting opening in multiple numbers . A  course in Computer science engineering was mandatory. 

Job Profile Computer Science Engineer Career

  • Their job profile would require them to be fluent in a variety of programming languages such as Java, C++, COBOL, Dot Net, etc.
  • Excellent computer operating skills are also mandatory.
  • Computer hardware engineers work in research.
  • Computer hardware engineers work in design, development and testing.
  • Computer hardware engineers also work in supervision of all aspects of maintenance.
  • Computer hardware engineers also works in manufacturing and installation of computer hardware’s.
  • Software engineers test, debug and update the programs, apart from the development of them.

Skills Required Computer Science Engineer Career

  • Strong critical-thinking skills.
  • Strong Problem solving skills.
  • Able to communicate ideas to other engineers as well as the lay man.
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills.
  • Excellent command on any programming language and minimal knowledge of the rest.
  • Good in coding techniques and writing complex algorithms.

Pay Scale

  • The pay scales for a computer engineer would depend on many factors company, profile, on-campus placement or off-campus placement.
  • The average salary package for a computer engineer in India is Rs 4 lakhs per annul, through on-campus placement.
  • Off campus hiring may vary from as low as 10,000 I NR per month to 20,000 I NR per month.

Job Opportunities Computer Engineer Career

  • What climbs up quickly, will fall down with the same speed. That’s mother nature and that holds true for the fate of computer engineering in India.
  • Off late, We are unable to provide jobs for all the engineers our colleges are churning out.
  • In spite of India’s software industry being valued at a whopping $108 billion. 
  • We are unable to provide jobs to the thousands of software engineers being rolled out of colleges every year.
  • Studying in a reputed institution and university and having an aggregate of 60 %. would help one qualify for majority of the interviews.
  • The companies are do hiring engineers but since the amount of engineers passing out is equally staggering. 
  • It ups the level of competition and makes entering a reputed company bit difficult.

Until 2012, IT industry hired 235,000 engineers, But the pass outs were almost double that number.

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