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Copywriter Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Copywriter Career is a completely creative-oriented game. If your mind is full of wacky, creative ideas and if you have a flair for putting a creative spin on anything thrown at you, then a career as Copywriter is the one for you. Copy-writing is creative, imaginative thinking at one of it’s most unusual and unpredictable manner.

Copywriter Career Job Profile

  • An advertising Copywriter Career works with the art director within the creative department of an advertising or media agency.
  • Copywriter Career works on the brief given by the client and conceives effective and relevant advertising campaigns.
  • The copywriter writes the oral part of the ad campaign, whereas art director creates the visual feel.
  • The Copywriter may write dialogues, messages ,slogans, catchphrases for an ad campaign.

Job Opportunities 

  • With Advertising agencies coming up in multiple languages and ad campaigns seen on every imaginable platform whether online, television or hoarding.
  • A copywriter is in demand now and they are getting their due now.
  • Indeed, every Ad agency’s process starts with the copy-writing putting down the basic idea on the paper which would then be taken by other departments and interpreted accordingly.

Salary Package 

  • A Copywriter trainee may command anywhere between 3,000 I NR to 8,000 I NR.
  • Although the pay is low in the initial period, there is no standard increase in pay, it all depends on the person’s talent and skills.
  •  If a copywriter’s work gains critical and public appreciation. He can charge 20,000 I NR or above for the same work.

Skills Required 

  • He / she should be a good listener to listen the client’s brief and guidelines and to adhere to it.

  • He /she should be able to convey the message, dialogue or catchphrase with panache and the lines should be to the point and in the most humorous or relevant manner.
  • The writing should be brief and should not be a ‘Beating around the bush’ kind of a thing.