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Career in Corporate Lawyer

Corporate Lawyer Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Once upon a time, black robed men & women used to be only seen inside or around courthouses, the only place Lawyers used to be found. But with corporatisation, There is a need for corporate lawyers to deal with company’s legal matters in Corporate Lawyer Career.

But off late, Being a corporate lawyer is the most sought job option within the legal career field. So much so that From the 75 students graduating from the National Law School of India, University of Bangalore, only 5 to 10 took the path of litigation, remaining all opted for a career in Corporate and legal law firms as a Corporate Lawyer Career.

Job Profile

Most of the law students from premier law institutions are opting for a Corporate Lawyer Career, rather than in Litigation. The job profile of a corporate lawyer includes drafting arrangements for merger acquisitions, joint ventures, and mainly to provide legal advice in all the corporate legal matters in a company.

Skills Required

  • Being motivated for a career in a law firm.

  • Debating.

  • Mooting.

  • Pro Bono activities.

  • Holding and acting upon given responsibilities.

  • Intellectual ability & discipline.

  • Inquisitive to know about the current legal trends and corporate matters of the company.

  • Entrepreneurial instinct & common sense.

  • Pushing one’s limits & boundaries.

  • Must have Commercial acumen/ Commercial sense.

  • Communication skills especially with clients.

  • Paying attention and analyzing it to detail.

  • Ability to work in a team and also lead it.

Salary Package

  • The Junior lawyers in a corporate and legal firm is paid at par with their MBA counterparts.
  • A top legal firm may pay a salary of up to 1 lakh I NR / month. As of July 2015.
  • The average salary package for a corporate lawyer in India is 7 lakhs I NR / annul.

Job Prospects

Corporate Lawyers are in great demand lately and the courses are gaining huge demand in result. For example, Osmania university has seen twice the number of applications for the course than previous years. Hefty pay cheques and a respectable and highly regarded designation is earning much reputation for corporate lawyer as a career option.