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Dairy Scientist

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]The Indian Dairy Scientist  Industry is broadly divided into

  • Organized.

  • Unorganized.

With India being one of the largest producers of Dairy Scientist Milk in the world with a projected sale of 5 lakh crores worth of milk in 2015. We have 170 Milk producers co -operative unions and Milk accounts for 21% agricultural production of India. 

The organized Dairy Scientist sector is further divided into 

  • Private Dairies (National).

  • Private Dairies (International).

  • Cooperative societies.

  • Government.

Job Profile

A dairy scientist these days may be seen in a small ,family owned dairy farm where he or she would oversee the operations and management of a dairy farm. One can also see himself in a large, cooperative union overseeing similar operations.

A dairy scientist would apply his/ her knowledge of science & technology in business of milk production & processing.


  • Overseeing whether the livestock is getting the proper amount of nutrition or not.
  • Management of breeding programs.

  • Upkeep and maintenance of Dairy machinery.

Job Prospects

About 16% of world’s milk is produced in India, The percentage may seem less but to put it into perspective , The projected level of milk production to increase in the year 2015 is 190 million tonnes, about 5 lakh crores worth of Milk.

The mind boggling numbers will give us a rough idea about the Dairy Industry in India. With such growth and expansion, The job opportunities are also immense.

Skills Required

  • Good communication skills.

  • Understanding of current trends and technologies in their field.

  • Excellent managerial skills.

  • Excellent Organizational skills.

  • Good decision-making skills.

  • Problem solving and good analytical skills.

  • Reading comprehension, writing, active listening.

  • Monitoring & time management.

  • System analysis & coordination.

  • Social perceptiveness and good in Maths.

  • Operation monitoring & operations analysis.

Salary Package

  • In Dairy Industry, those who have graduated in Dairy technology would be employed either as Trainees & shift officers.
  • The trainees may draw a stipend of 4000 I NR a month.
  • The shift officers may command between 7000 I NR to 9000 I NR a month.
  • General managers receive a salary of 15,000 I NR a month.