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Career in Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Electrical Engineer Career – In the recent times, Everything from housing to Industries requires Electricity to function, & it has become a must-have for every household to industry, This has given tremendous career prospect for a career in Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in engineering. It deals with study & application of electricity, electromagnetism & electronics. 

Electrical Engineer Career also happen to be discharging management responsibilities with the help of their technical knowledge.

The Broad field that is electrical engineering deals with all manners of electrical and electronics equipment from calculators to supercomputers to transformers.

The field of Electrical engineering is broadly divided into 

  • Heavy Current (Electrical machinery, distribution systems, generating stations, etc.

Job Profile 

  • The main work of an electrical engineer deals with designing & developing more efficient power systems, electrical machinery and control equipment for the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy and also telecommunication.

  • Normally, Electrical engineers are trained and taught to maintain, construct and design a wide variety of Electrical and information systems, services & products.

To put it into a clear perspective. An Electrical Engineer Career work involves 

  • To design and to develop efficient electrical machinery & equipment.

  • To analyse and organize the manufacturing, construction, installation and maintaining of the electrical equipment and to adhere to the global quality standards.
  • To transmit and distribute electrical energy and Telecommunication systems.

Skills Required 

  • Excellent in Maths, science and IT i.e should be strong in Basic Maths and Basic Physics.

  • Must be able to draw and interpret technical diagrams.

  • Strong decision-making skills.

  • Good organisational skills.

  • Must be able to work well in a team set-up.

  • Should be able to make and explain design ideas clearly.

  • Must be able to analyse complex problems and to devise relevant solutions for them.

  • Ability to manage a budget.

  • Should be cautious and be aware of all safety and health regulations related to their field of work.

Job Prospects 

There has been a burgeoning demand for Electrical Engineer Career in india and abroad.

Electrical & Electronics engineers can seek work in 

  • Natural gas Plants.

  • Steel plants.

  • Petrochemical industries.

  • Thermal power plants.

  • Hydro-electric power plants.

  • Biomedical electronics sector.

  • Atomic power plants.

  • Electricity boards.

and many more..

In Year 2015, IIT-Indore has seen a 77% growth in its campus placement for Electrical Engineer Career.

The various designations an Electrical Engineer Career can see himself/ herself are 

  • Reliability engineer.

  • Process & manufacturing engineer.

  • Test engineer.

  • Quality control engineer.

  • Design engineer.

Salary Package 

  • A fresh electrical and electronics graduate can get a salary package of 9,000 INR to 13,000 INR.

  • The salary can reach up to 60,000 INR when they reach managerial position.

  • In Govt. sector, One can command a salary package of 20,000 INR to 30,000 INR a month.

  • IITians when recruited on-campus get a salary package of 40 lakhs-60 lakhs per annum.

How do I get there ?

  • To be an Electrical engineer, One needs to have opted for a science stream in 12th, with the combination of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.

  • Then one can opt for a B.E/ B.Tech course, through one of the national or state level entrance exams which would give you an opportunity to join an Engineering college.

  • National level exams like BITSAT, IIT-JEE, AIEEE etc.

  • There is a state-level entrance of almost each state too.