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ENT Specialist Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]ENT Specialist Career – Otolaryngology or E N T (Ear, Nose, Throat) is one of the branches of medicine & surgery which deals with examining, diagnosis and treating disorders or illnesses of head & neck. This branch of medicine is concerned with functions related to head & Neck such as Speaking, Hearing, maintaining balance, breathing, smelling and swallowing.

ENT Specialist Career to be little more specific and technical. It deals with the entire area above cervical or collar bone, basically everything from neck upwards.

Otolaryngologists / ENT Specialist Career may specialize in any of the following areas 

  • Neurotology / Neuro-otology –

    • Deals with Neurological disorders of ears, skull base surgery, dizziness etc.

  • Reconstructive Plastic & Facial plastic surgery –

    • Deals with Maxillofacial, Traumatic disorders etc.

  • Head & Neck Oncology –

    • Deals with reconstruction, endocrine surgery, Oncology surgery etc.

  • Pediatric Otolaryngology –

    • This deals with common disorders faced by children such as Hearing problems and correction of cleft lip, Cochlear implant, ear infections etc.

Job Profile

An ENT Specialist Career can specialize in any of the three major organ areas.

  • Ear specialist or Otology –

    • focuses on the ears and treats hearing disorders, balance disorders, infections, nerve pain, tinnitus (condition of ringing noises in ear), cranial nerve disorders.

  • Nose specialist or Rhinology –

    • focuses on diseases of nasal passages, snoring, chronic sinusitis, sleep apnea, allergy etc.

  • Throat specialist or Laryngology –

    •  focuses on diseases of larynx, upper aero-digestive tract and esophagus, this also includes swallowing and voice disorders.

So the main job of an ENT Specialist Career would be to perform surgical or medical treatment of the ears, nose, throat & related head and neck related issues.

Throat cancer, Laryngomalacia & thyroid cancer are also examined, diagnosed and treated by ENT specialist Career of the respective organ.

Except for the brain, An ENT Specialist Career takes care of all the part above the neck upwards.

Skills Required

  • Ability to listen intentively to a patient’s problem and to grasp the information productively and examine the disease or illness.

  • HIs/ her Visual, tactile, olfactory senses should be strong.

  • Excellent Manual and technical skills required as an ENT specialist spends a lot of time in operation theater.

  • Good management skills

  • Should be able to work in a multi-disciplinary and well-organized team.

  • Ability to make sound clinical judgements & decisions with accuracy and quickness.

  • ability to handle medical instruments with ease and panache.

  • Good nerve monitoring skills.

  • Basic skills for handling of tissues.

  • Sound knowledge of audiology and speech-language pathology, chemical senses & allergy/immunology, endocrinology & neurology.

  • Good problem-solving skills.

  • Critical thinker.

  • Must have a strong moral conscience.

  • Ability to work and perform well under pressure or stressful environment.

  • Must be healthy and fit physically & mentally to handle the amount of work and long hours.

Job Prospects

  • The career opportunities for an ENT specialist are far and wide.
  • They can start their career working in any Govt. or private hospital or dispensary. Then as they gain sufficient amount of experience and confidence.
  •  They can start practising independently from there onwards.
  • Even while having one’s own private clinic. One can freelance as an outsourced surgeon in private & govt. hospitals.
  • Apart from regular practise, an ENT specialist can also opt for the field of research.
  • One would gain a lot of exposure and it would be much more valuable to oneself.
  • To work in research as one would be learning, discovering and breaking new grounds in the field of Otolaryngology.

Salary Package

An ENT specialist’s salary package may depend upon the sector he/she is working in 

Government sector –

 An ENT specialist can command a basic salary of 30,000 INR to 40,000 INR per month, with additional perks such as paid holidays, medical cover, accommodation etc.

Private sector –

An ENT specialist working in a private sector can command a pay of 40,000 INR to 50,000 INR per month, and even upwards in reputed and well known hospitals.

Private Practise –

A specialist working independently through his/ her private clinic has the chance to earn far more than his private hospital or govt. hospital counterparts. But this would require a lot of good experience and expertise in the field and many more factors which are basic for anyone working independently especially those professions where one needs to handle clients individually.

How Do I get there ?

A candidate wishing to see himself/ herself as an ENT Specialist Career.

  • Should first have opted for a 12th Science stream with Physics, chemistry and biology combination.

  • After successfully passing +2, He/ she can apply for any national or state-level entrance exams such as AIPMT (All India Pre-Medical Test), or even there are separate examinations for highly prestigious medical institutions such as AFMC Pune, AIIMS etc.

  • There are state- level medical entrance exams of almost each state in India.

  • The eligibility criteria is passing of +2 in science stream for all.

The course list for ENT Specialist Career is as follows 

  1. Diploma in Othorhinolaryngology.

  2. Post graduate diploma in Othrhinolaryngology.

  3. Doctor of Medicine (ENT).

  4. Diploma in ENT.

  5. Master of Surgery (ENT).