Environmental science Careers

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Career in Environmental Science

Environmental Science Careers

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Environmental science is a branch of biology which is concerned with All living beings , natural environment and relation between them. With respect to the study of environmental systems, Environmental science, Environmental science Careers  provides us with an integrated, interdisciplinary and quantitative approach. 

Environmental science Careers with the ever growing population, and an ever increasing pollution. We as humans have a moral responsibility towards nature & all its inhabitants.

In our ever growing greed and pursuit for a better and more comfortable life. We have caused immense damage to the environment and it is our duty to repair it and to conserve what is left and to bring a balance between nature and humans.

Environmentalists is a fairly new profession compared to other well known Environmental science Careers options.

We as  humans, woke up late to the cries of nature and the damage we caused to our very own beautiful planet.

Job Profile 

  • An Environmentalist’s job for Environmental science Careers is to study the conservation of biodiversity, wildlife, energy, groundwater, climatic change etc.
  • Simultaneously all the main technologies related to noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution, etc.

Some of the main subjects an Environmental science Careers​ may find himself.

Working in Environmental science Careers.

  • Effects of global climate change.

  • Pollution control & mitigation.

  • Natural resource management.

  • Understanding of earth processes.

  • Evaluation of alternate energy systems.

An Environmental science Careers, basically, conducts research in order to identify, control and eradicate the sources of various hazards and pollutants that affects the environment and general public health.

An Environmentalist also makes plans to prevent, control and fix various Environmental science Careers issues. 

Environmental science Careers issues like water pollution, soil contamination etc.

His/ her job is to also generate public awareness related to Environmental science Careers issues, public health issues etc.

The one’s who are into research in this field generally will be involved in Environmental science Careers.

  • Collection and analyzing of soil, air and water samples.

  • Analyzing of environmental data which has been collected by other researchers or research bodies.

  • Determination of data collecting records, etc.

Skills Required 

  • Ability to think Logically.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Should have an inner passion for conserving nature.

  •  Prevention of Environmental science Careers issues.

  • Should have a basic working knowledge of various subjects related to environment and nature such as botany, zoology, geography, geology etc.

  • A clear mind about how to implement ideas related to conserving and preserving environment.

  • Ability to work well in a multi-disciplinary team.

  • To be able to successfully analyse technical information.

  • Clear understanding of public policies.

  • Efficient use of all the available resources to reach their goals.

  • Optimisation of the conservation.

  • Preservation of the surrounding Environmental science Careers problems.
  • Should possess a balanced and clear objective.

  • Must be a critical thinker.

  • Empathic towards nature, animals and all living beings.

  • Must be able to endure long working hours in the field or office sometimes.

  • Should be responsible and confident towards their professional choices.

  • Commitment towards one’s duties and towards the organization one is working within.

  • Should have an inclination for research and an inquisitive mind.

  • Must possess good analytical skills.

  • Must inhabit patience and possess diplomatic skills too.

Salary Package 

  • Since almost all of the environmental organizations and NGOs working towards the conservation , preservation of environment are non-profit.
  • The pay scales for an environmentalist isn’t much promising.
  • The average pay may start from 10,000 INR in most organizations & NGOs.
  • In some NGOs, you may need to volunteer for free too in the initial period.
  • But depending upon one’s education profile and the institution one has passed out from and also depending on individual skills. 
  • One may get a job in the more reputed and well established organizations or companies, where the average salary may start from 360,000 INR, which can reach up to 600,000 INR for managerial positions.
  • One can also work as a consultant or eco-entrepreneur and he/ she can make good money if their venture turns out successful.
  • Senior environmentalists or Researchers can command a pay of 40,000 INR to 80,000 INR.

Job Prospects 

  • The Job opportunities for an Environmentalist are plenty.
  • With new environmental issues popping up every other day and preservation & conservation of wildlife and forests becoming more important with each passing day.
  •  There is an abundant need for environmentalists to deal with different matters of environment and nature.

An Environmentalist may seek work in one of the following areas.

  • Environmental consultants.

    • They may work with state or central govt pollution board and give advice on environmental issues.

  • Industrial Sector.

    • An Environmentalist may work in this sector for conservation of biodiversity, maintaining of ecological balance, wasteland management and preservation of natural resources.

  • Forest management.

    • This may include the environmentalists to work with forest departments and other wildlife organizations for maintaining and preserving of our forests.

  • Research & development.

    • The environmentalists working in research and development fields may work with various govt. research organizations or universities or colleges to bring about new ideas or ways to preserve and conserve the environment.

How Do I get there ?

  • One must opt for a science stream in 12th with Physics, chemistry & biology combination.

  • They may then choose a Bachelor in Science course with specialization in Environmental Science.

  • After passing 12th, One can also go for a Bachelor in Arts in Environmental Sciences.