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Career in Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Fashion Designer Career – If your book shelf and desk are scattered with fashion magazines, If you are  always curious to know about new fashion styles and trends. If your dream is to attend and walk the ramp with your show stopper, wearing your outfit, to thundering applause from the audience. Then a Fashion Designer Career is the best career option for you.

Fashion Designing is a relatively new Fashion Designer Career option for Indians, but it has seen a steep rise in the number of applications and number of institutes teaching it in the last two decades.

Gone is the time when your neighborhood tailor used to be your one-stop shop to get an outfit specially made for you, keeping in mind your needs and desires. These days Fashion Designer Career have outlets in all the major cities with their own websites, clientele, and outlets in one of the most posh localities in metros.

A Fashion Designer Career is the one who brings about the way we dress and new trends and styles into existence for the general public to feast its eyes on and to choose their outfits, bags and shoes from.

They are not just limited to clothes, these days a fashion designer may have his own line of Eyewear, shoes, handbags, accessories etc.

Job Profile

A Fashion Designer Career may work in one of the following fields of specialization

  • Design Production management.

  • Quality control.

  • Fabric design printing.

  • Concept management.

  • Design of Fashion accessories.

  • Fashion Merchandising.

  • Color Mixing.

  • Textile Science, etc.

Fashion Designer Career basically encompasses Designing of clothes, which involves creating of new designs after analyzing and studying the latest trends in the market.

A Fashion designer may decide to have his/ her own label and work independently or may work for an apparel brand or any other Clothing store or textile company.

The Job profiles for both the options are different but the basic work will be same. One has its own Pros & cons.

Skills Required

  • Must possess critical thinking.

  • Since its a creative based profession, One must & should be very creative and possess a wide imagination.

  • Must have a sense of keen observation.

  • Flair for drawing designs and color coordination.

  • Must be able to work well in a team.

  • Must be good at organisation & time management.

  • Should possess interpersonal, & networking skills.

  • Must be able to communicate ideas clearly to one’s team, employers or clients etc.

  • Should have good technical skills ex, pattern cutting etc.

  • Ability to generate ideas and concepts and to know their applications.

  • Basic knowledge about fabrics and materials.

  • One must inhabit a proactive approach.

  • To be able to self-promote oneself within the hordes of designers.

  • To be able to self negotiate and also be influential to others.

  • Apart from the creative aspects, One should also have a commercial sense of awareness and business orientation.

Responsibilities of a Fashion Designer Career may include 

  • Overseeing production.

  • Analyzing trends in fabrics, shapes, clothes and colors.

  • Selection & buying of trims & fabrics.

  • Adaptation of existing designs for Mass production.

  • Supervising the process of production of sample garments.

  • Producing concepts & ideas.

  • Developing new and improved patterns.

  • Quality control.

  • Drawing sketches through hand or use of Computer aided design drawing software’s.

Salary Package

A fresher Fashion Designer may command anywhere between 10,000 I NR to 15,000 I NR. With experience, and depending upon your creative talent, one may get better packages at the more reputed companies.

As an Independent Fashion Designer with your own label you stand to make anywhere between 20,000 I NR to Lakhs of rupees a month depending upon your work, popularity, fame and clientele.

Job Prospects

The job prospects for talented and skilled Fashion designers are immense.

Those who’ve passed out can find work in garment or leather industry as Fashion coordinator, illustrator, fashion designer, fashion stylist, cutting assistant etc.

Fresh graduates may find work with

  • Apparel manufacturers.

  • Haute couture.

  • Designers.

  • Leather companies.

  • Boutiques.

  • Jewelry houses.

  • Wholesalers.

  • Boutiques.

  • importers etc.

Placement may be in one of the following sectors 

  • Marketing.

  • Distribution.

  • Retailing.

  • Production.

This industry is booming with fresh talent and the demand seems to be far more.

Course-work in Psychology, Mathematics, human anatomy are also useful for a Fashion designer in his/ her work.

The different areas in which a Fashion designer has job prospects are 

  • Textile technology.

  • Textile design.

  • Footwear designing.

  • Footwear technology.

  • Leather designing.

  • Interior designing.

  • Accessory & jeweler designing.

  • Modelling.

  • Garment designing.

How Do I get there ?

One can opt for any 12th stream and then apply for any of the following courses 

  1. B.Sc Jewelry designing & management.

  2. B. Sc – Fashion Designing & apparel designing.

  3. B.Sc interior designing.

  4. B. Des. Bachelor of design.

  5. B.F Tech Bachelor of Fashion Technology.

  6. Diploma in Computer aided Fashion Designing.

Some of the top Fashion Designer Career institutes one can do the above mentioned courses are 

  1. National Institute of Fashion & Technology , this institute is located in almost all the major cities in India.

  2. National Institute of Design (N ID) in Ahmadabad, Delhi, & Bangalore.

  3. A P E E J A Y Institute of Design, Delhi.

  4. Vogue Institute of fashion & technology.

  5. JD Institute of fashion & technology.