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Geology Careers

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Geology Careers – Has Geography been your favorite or even one of your favorite subjects in School ?.. Are you inquisitive to know about our mother earth ?.. Does the mountains, plains, deserts and all other geographical landscapes intrigue & interest you ?.. Do you yearn to know about how to preserve the earth in its natural form and about environmental issues such as Global warming, etc ??. Then being a Geologist would be a promising career option for you.

A Geologist, as the name suggests, uses Geology Careers to study the origin, behavior, structure & evolution of the planet. Geology is the branch of science that deals with earth, its behavior, nature and all its compositions, i.e its contents, its make-up and the various natural elements that it encompasses within.

A Geology is such a wide and vast field that it has numerous branches within specializing in a separate area :-

  • Engineering Geology.

  • Economic geology.

  • Environmental Geology.

  • Geo-chronology.

  • Geo-archaeology.

  • Geodesy.

  • Geo-morphology.

  • Geophysics.

  • Glacial Geology.

  • Planetology.

  • Paleontology.

  • Sedimentology.

  • Structural Geology.

  • Volcano-logy.

  • Speleology.

  • Stratigraphy

  • Marine Geology.

  • Paleoclimatology.

  • Limnogeology.

  • Hydrology.

Job Profile 

A Geologist would use his/ her knowledge, research, skill, analysis that happen to affect all the living beings on earth in various ways –

  • To predict earth’s behavior & systems

  • To determine and examine the environmental impact, and also its conservation to be able to sustain ecological systems

  • To understand the weather patterns around the globe & also to forecast the weather.

  • To be able to rehabilitate the contaminated waste lands and the mine sites.

  • To determine the ways and to devise new ideas and ways for waste disposing.

  • To erase atmospheric pollution & water pollution.

  • To help save human lives by forecasting natural hazards beforehand.

  • To locate, maintain and preservation of natural resources to further avoid depletion of them.

  • To increase agricultural productivity.

  • To conduct geological and geophysical studies to give information,which would be helpful in regional sites, development of public works, site selection ,etc.

  • To advise construction & real estate firms on dam & road construction, design of foundation, land use & resource management.

  • For assessment of surface & groundwater management to give advice on contaminated sites, site and route selection and waste management, etc.

  • To minimize the effects of landslides,, volcanic eruptions etc.

  • To inspect the construction projects to advice on geological factors, drilling machinery, and other engineering issues related to geology.

A Geologist’s work would further depend on the grounds of the area of work he/ she has chosen.

Skills Required 

  • To have a keen sense of observation

  • Keeping an inquisitive and enquiring mind related to one’s field

  • Must be adventurous, and willing to travel and explore far & difficult to reach terrains

  • Should work patiently, methodically, orderly, etc.

  • Must possess problem solving, interpreting & analyzing skills.
  • Must be passionate about field work.

  • Logical & Analytical thinking skills are also important.

  • Since a geologist has multiple duties & responsibilities, He/ she should be very well organized.

  • Should be able to utilize computers and other equipment efficiently.

  • Should have sound knowledge about all the related sub-fields and basic geography knowledge.

  • Must be able to make quick and proper decisions.

  • To analyze needs & product requirements to make an exploration.

  • Ability to undertake detailed & intricacies of operations.

  • Must well work within a team set up.

Geology Careers Salary Package 

The Salary package of a Geologist depends upon the sector & company he/ she is working in. In The Government sector, for a Geologist, Salary starts around 12,000 I NR to 18,000 I NR a month. The government sector jobs come with various perks. The Private sector companies offer lucrative salary packages ranging from 20,000 I NR to 27,000 I NR a month for fresh geologist graduates.

Job Prospects 

From all the companies and organizations hiring geologist, GSI ( Geologist Survey of India) is the main employer for Geologists in India.

Other main employers are ONGC, Coal India, GSPC, BPRL, Mineral Exploration Authority, Essar Oil Limited, Cairn oil limited, Reliance industries limited, Hindustan Zinc, NMDC, Central Ground water board, etc.

A Geologist has career opportunities in following sectors –

  • Oil, Gas & mineral exploration.

  • Teaching.

  • Research.

  • Construction Field.

  • Disaster management.

  • Government agencies.

  • Defense & Paramilitary forces.

  • Cement Industry.

  • Natural resource companies.

  • Environmental consulting companies.

Job opportunities for a Geologist are plenty in Private sector, academic institutions, Nonprofit organizations & Public sector.

How Do I get there ?? 

  • One has to be from a science background academically, For any graduate degree in geology, He/she has to be from a 12th Science stream.

  • One can either opt from the many B.Sc courses in Applied Geology & corresponding streams or else can choose Geology as majors in final year.

  • For higher studies, Students can best opt for a M.Sc course in Geology and specialize in any of the mentioned specializations in the ‘Overview’ Section.

  • Remember, This field has great scope for Research also. One can get a lot more expertise and knowledge by doing his/ her M.Phil or PhD course, One needs to pass the NET examination conducted by Council of Scientific & Industrial Research.