Industrial Design Career

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Career in Industrial Design

Industrial Design Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Industrial Design Career i.e Industrial design is a combination of applied art & applied science, which would improve the aesthetics, ergonomics & usability of a product. Industrial Designers develop designs & concepts for the manufactured products. They vary within all different products available for human race. Industrial Design Career is also used to improve the marketability & production of all the manufactured products too. 

Industrial Design Career Job Profile 

  • Industrial Design Career are the specialists who determine the appearance, materials, ergonomics & features of a all kinds of different products in use by human beings.
  • In Layman’s terms,Industrial Design Career is the one who basically designs. Industrial Design Career are responsible for the look of many products bought and consumed by humans these days.
  • The main task of an Industrial Design Career is to create and execute various design solutions. Design solutions that are used for the various problems related to usability, form, marketing, physical ergonomics, brand development & sales.
  • Industrial designers usually work with many different specialists such as marketers, accountants, material scientists, engineers, etc together to bring a product to life.
  • As a Project begins, Industrial designers set up a client meeting. They advice the team that handles the planning of project on how to improve old products and introduce new products.
  • The industrial designers also work with the market research team to assess.
  • The product performance characteristics required by consumers & to establish visual characteristics that will help the sales team.
  • The Industrial Design Career then go and create & draw sketches and drawings and present them to the client, after the client decides which ones are to be pursued further.
  • The industrial designer then recreate those designs using computers with the help of Computer aided design software’s and 3 D visual software’s.
  • After the client gives their nod to the final approved design. It moves to the engineering dept. where it is brought to life.

Skills Required 

  • Must inhabit excellent Problem solving skills.
  • Should have strong communication skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of maths & physics is a must.
  • Must be able to analyse & interpret data.
  • Since it’s a field that requires drawing. An industrial designer must have a fair sense of imagination & creativity.
  • Ability to work with latest technologies and computer aided design.
  • To be aware of the latest trends and to be able to work under tight deadlines.
  • Must have good observation skills.
  • To be good at the basics of designing and drawing.
  • Must have a good sense of color, balance & proportion.

Salary Package 

  • The freshers passed out with a diploma or degree course can command 6,000 I NR to 10,000 I NR.
  • But those who have passed from reputed institutes with good grades & relevant skills can make anywhere between 15,000 I NR to 20,000 I NR per month.

Job Prospects 

  • This is a field which will have great career opportunities for the skilled & talented forever.
  • In larger scaled companies. The industrial designer may be able to move into more specialized roles and fields.
  • Depending upon the type of product. The experienced gained and with a management degree from a reputed college.
  • One can progress into lucrative positions such as creative director, project manager etc.
  • The Industrial designers are mostly employed by manufacturing companies, MNCs, design firms etc.
  • ​There are also many opportunities in public sector. Industrial designers can also work independently, starting their own design firms.

How Do I get there ?

To get into a bachelor’s degree. The candidate has to have passed 10+2 from any reputed college/ university.

Some of the courses provided by colleges/ universities in India are –

  • Graduate Diploma Program in Industrial Design.
  • Bachelor of Design in industrial Design.
  • B.E in Industrial design.
  • B.Tech in Industrial Design.
  • B.Sc in Industrial Design.
  • Master of Design in Industrial Design.
  • Master of Engineering in Industrial Design.
  • Master of Technology in Industrial Design.
  • Master of Science in Industrial Design.
  • Post Graduate Diploma Program in Industrial Design.