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Career in Interior Design


Interior Design Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Interior Design Career i.e Interior designing is the arrangement of living space i.e managing, organizing, planning of the interior of homes, hotels, or any other infrastructure such as offices, conference centers, TV & film studios, commercial establishments, exhibition halls, etc.

The main objective of Interior Design Career is to achieve functionality and to create an atmosphere within the set budget. These days interior designing has gained a lot of popularity among the metro city folks.

From offices to homes, from palaces to resorts, almost every palatial house, hotel or resort has some fine and lush interiors done by the Interior Design Career.

There are different designs depending upon the infrastructure, whether it is for an office (business space), or a home (residential design) or for a resort (landscape design). So depending upon the area of expertise, an Interior Design Career can gain specialization in any of the area.

Job Profile.
Interior designers work / Interior Design Career is to design and provide a soothing environment by using various tools of design, setting up of furniture, frames etc., their placing. The Interior Design Career looks after the aesthetic appeal of the interior of any building.

Furthermore, optimal utilization of inner spaces, managing the available resources to provide the best possible comfort and appeal, also fall under the responsibilities of an Interior Designer.

  • At the start of a project, the client would provide a brief to the Interior Design Career, describing his/ her taste, colors and his/ her idea about the indoor place.
  • Once the specifications are understood and the area to be designed has been carefully inspected.The designer creates two or three possible plans and presents them for selection and approval.
  • The Interior Design Career process usually involves initial sketches that continually evolve before being finalized using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  • All components must be taken into account, including flooring, lighting and wall coverings as well as the people that will be using the space.

Interior Design Career can purchase items & furnishings through catalogs & stores. Depending on the work and into a project’s development, Interior Design Career need to meet with architects, plumbers, inspectors, painters & make all requirements are met.

The Interior Design Career oversees the complete process of installation, setting up of the furniture, and all the other artifacts and things in the interior. Interior Design Career can even suggest some artifacts, colors, or other decorative or useful stuff that would go well with the interior set up or architecture of the house.

Skills Required.

  • Should be very creative & have a wide sense of imagination.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • One should be commercially minded.
  • One needs be highly attentive, he/ she should pay attention to detail.
  • He/ she should be very well organized.
  • Having a commercial mind and aesthetic sense is also very important.
  • People co-ordination skills are also important.
  • One needs to be aware of the rules & regulations related to designing and also respect people’s sentiments & avoid designs or incorporating anything offensive.
  • One needs to understand the client, the place, the purpose of the space, it’s usability etc.
  • Critical thinking is also vital for an interior designer.
  • Multi tasking and Problem solving skills are also very essential.
  • Since an interior designer’s work / Interior Design Career incorporates many things, he/ she should be very well organized and disciplined too.
  • One should be able to demonstrate the flexibility to approach tasks.
  • An Interior Design Career needs to keep himself/ herself well informed about the new trends and styles in home decorating and designing.
  • An Interior Design Career can also develop skills related one’s profession. Such as water use & plumbing.

Salary Package.

  • An Interior Design Career can draw a pay of 5,000 I NR to 8,000 I NR a month ,as a fresher.
  • Experienced and reputed designers can command a package of 50,000 I NR to 60,000 I NR a month.
  • There is no upper limit for earning in this profession. If you are very well experienced, well qualified & if your designs and work is popular, then one can earn in Lakhs of rupees in a single month.
  • An interior designer’s clarity of work, his/ her expertise with marketing skills also help in determining the amount of money he/ she can command for the work.

Job Prospects.

  • There is surely a lot of scope for interior designing in our country, but the competition is equally tough.
  • The industry demands skilled & well qualified interior designers.
  • Since this field is more of a creative talent based field, One needs to work hard and showcase their talent well, before one can make a name for himself/ herself in this field.
  • One can seek employment in any of the three options available.
  1. Private Sector.
  2. Public Sector.
  3. Self Employment.

Some of the establishments with whom one can seek work are.

  • Architectural firms or architects.
  • Town planning bureau.
  • Hotel-chains.
  • Resorts.
  • Spas.
  • Hospitals.
  • Offices.
  • Restaurant lounges.
  • Reception cabins.
  • Public works dept.
  • Regional & metropolitan dept.

How Do I get there ?

  • One needs to have passed 12th with 55% aggregate from any of the three streams – ​Commerce, arts, science to join an interior design undergraduate course.
  • The candidates intending to be an Interior Design Career in India have to pass the entrance examination being conducted by various institutes. The entrance examination is conducted to test one’s designing & drawing skills of the candidate. An interior designer’s capability can be tested through these examinations.
  • The age criteria of the candidate must be from 17 to 25 years to apply after 12th stream.
  • Students having a three year diploma or have passed 12th from any stream can attend the examination.