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Career in Journalism.

Journalism Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Journalism Career – The power of pen is mightier than the sword. Even to this day, Journalism draws the youth in hordes. Journalism has long been in existence, but the kind of journalism that is relevant today, is far more superior & complex than in the previous ages.

Journalism Career with the number of human beings walking across the earth ever increasing and the kind and types of different events occurring every minute, every second on this earth, the need for honest & immaculate journalism is much more important for us humans. The need to stay informed about all the important events from the local or global level is what drives this field.

Journalism Career can be categorized by the different mediums employed for communication. The different mediums for Journalism Career are –

  1. Print Journalism.
  2. Photo Journalism.
  3. Broadcast Journalism.
  4. Multimedia journalism.

Job Profile 
Journalism Career involves investigating, analyzing & reporting all local events, worldly events & current affairs and many more.

A journalist’s work \ Journalism Career profile can be broadly explained –

  • Interviewing the people within a range of different circumstances and situations.
  • To investigate and get true & relevant information about the event at hand.
  • To build important contacts & know one’s surrounding and local area to get a good flow of news around.
  • Attending Press conferences around and asking relevant questions to the hosts and other dignitaries.
  • To research & write important and relevant stories.
  • To attend a lot of different kinds of events and to derive the relevant info accordingly, the events may vary from sports events to movie premieres to launch parties to industry briefings etc.
  • To seek out and investigate stories via the contacts, press releases and other kind of media.
  • To attend court sessions, council meetings & other public and other types of events.
  • To attend & respond to tip-offs, calls etc.
  • To write news stories and interview people related to the news or celebrities.

Skills Required.

  • A Journalist \ Journalism Career may have an inquiring and inquisitive mind.
  • A journalist must have excellent communication skills, This is the most valuable & most important skill in this profession.
  • The ability to convince and win confidence of all kinds of people.
  • Must possess excellent written English and a concise writing style too.
  • Must have quick understanding and grasp of various subjects, since a journalist will often find himself/ herself writing on unfamiliar subjects and topics.
  • A journalist must also keep a knowledge about the law and all the basic regulations and codes. This knowledge comes in very handy at times.
  • Must be polite and have a way around getting the information and good at interacting with people.
  • A Journalist must be having high standards of accuracy.
  • Able to produce good work under pressure and to meet strict deadlines.
  • Journalism Career occupation would require moving around a lot. So one must be up for travelling and being on the move.
  • A journalist must have persistence and stamina to deal with all the tasks and duties.

Salary Packages.

  • The salary packages for a journalist would be dependent upon the size and reach of the organisation he/ she should be working in.
  • The average pay scale of a journalist is around 2,00,000 I NR to 3,00,000 I NR per annul.
  • The salary packages also vary according to the city the organisation is working from.
  • For example- A journalist working in Delhi or Mumbai would draw a salary higher than their counterparts in Bangalore or Chennai.

Job Prospects. 
The Media industry is broadly divided into print & electronics.

Those working in the print medium in Journalism Career​, May work for either of the following –

  • Newspapers.
  • Magazines.
  • Daily’s.
  • Journals.
  • Tabloids.
  • Books, etc.

The Electronics medium will have.

  • Radio.
  • Television.
  • Internet.

The job prospects for a journalist are far & wide these days with numerous news channels, newspapers, media houses spanning across multiple regional languages plus the national language i.e Hindi and the royal language i.e English.

The Journalism Career opportunities are different and are aplenty, the requirement for qualified and skilled journalists are abound.

How Do I get there ?

  • One can try to pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communication after passing of 10+2 in any stream, Science, arts or commerce.
  • There are various colleges, universities & institutions offering courses on Journalism or Mass communication.
  • For postgraduate courses, Graduates from any stream are eligible to opt for journalism courses. The institutions teaching journalism at undergraduate level are lesser.
  • In India, most of the teaching is done at postgraduate levels, with M.A in Mass communication being the most sought after.