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Lawyer Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Lawyer Career is one of the most promising career options in recent times. In addition to the traditional branches for Lawyer Career, such as.

  • Criminal.
  • Civil.
  • Corporate.
  • Taxation.
  • Labor.
  • Election law.

Lawyer Career there are many new types of Law to choose from these days, such as.

  • Cyber.
  • Space.
  • Intellectual property.
  • International laws.

At the present, We have 500,000 advocates in India and we are adding each year by 15,000 new enrollments. Lawyer Career have always been held in high esteem in our civil society as they render valuable advice & service to all segments of the society by getting their constitutional & legal rights enforced through courts – either civil or criminal, at all levels of judiciary i.e Trial Court, High Court, Supreme Court or  Quasi- Judicial Institutions.

One who desires to become an advocate & practice law as a profession in India must have a legal degree, even a basic one.

Job Profile

A Lawyer’s work for Lawyer Career is to.

  • Do the relevant preparation and then to attend court hearings.
  • To draw important contacts and other legal documents.
  • To interact with clients and conjure up all vital information about the case.
  • To explain the law & to give general legal advice.
  • to settle disputes among parties and supervising on agreements.
  • To examine and analyse legal documents.
  • To Probate wills & represent & advise the executors and administrators of corresponding estates.
  • To perform management and administrative functions related to the law practice.
  • To Search for & examine public & other legal records in order to write opinions or in establishing ownership.
  • To advise the clients on claim liability, advisability of prosecuting or even defending of lawsuits, business transactions or even legal rights and obligations.
  • To prepare legal briefs & opinions and to file appeal on state and other higher courts of appeal.
  • To evaluate findings and evidences and then developing strategies & arguments in order to prepare presentation of cases.

Skills Required

Skills required for a person in Legal profession for Lawyer Career is.

  • To distill key points in a case after examining & analyzing lots of vital information & evidences.
  • One should incorporate essential people interactive skills, being polite & nice to everyone goes a long way.
  • One should have prioritized all the work and then meet the deadlines in time.
  • Interpersonal skills are also very important for a person in legal profession.
  • Argumentative skills and the ability to ask questions to the point are very essential & vital for a lawyer.
  • A lawyer must have excellent writing skills, with clear and concise prose.
  • A lawyer also needs to inhabit symptomatic reading i.e the skill to read a case critically.
  • A Lawyer needs to be highly inquisitive.
  • The curiosity would help a lawyer investigate a case more properly.
  • Conversation and articulation abilities are also vital for a person in legal profession.
  • Critical thinking & problem solving ability are very much essential in this vocation.
  • As a lawyer will have his hands in multiple tasks at a time, even multiple cases in some instances, He/ she should be very well organized.
  • Time management skills are also important.
  • A lawyer must have clear understanding of the case and he should be excellent in negotiations too.
  • Giving adept legal advice is also one of the tasks that a Lawyer Career does. Hence, a lawyer must be very good in negotiation skills.
  • A lawyer must have the ability to examine and analyse important elements of problems.

Job Prospects

  • Lawyer Career will find employment in a variety of different sectors, both public & private sectors.
  • Lawyer Career also can find work as legal advisers and legal counselors for organizations, firms & families.
  • They also find work as trustees of various trusts such as company secretary, law reporters, teachers etc.

The various positions an advocate may find himself are

  1. Magistrate and sub-magistrate.
  2. District attorney.
  3. Public defenders.
  4. Public prosecutors.
  5. Advocate general
  6. Attorney general.
  7. Solicitor general.
  8. Legal advisers.
  9. Notary.
  10. Oath commissioner.
  11. Advocate.
  12. solicitor.
  13. writer.
  14. company secretary.

How Do I get there ?

  • One needs to enlist himself/ herself in the local state central bar council of India.
  • Almost all the Indian universities offer a three year degree on law in Lawyer Career.
  • There are some universities which offer a five year undergraduate course on Law after passing their 12th.
  • And some colleges offer a short term specialized course on degree of Law.
  • The short term specialized courses are diploma courses in various disciplines of Law for Lawyer Career.

The different fields of specialization for both, undergraduate & diploma courses are

  1. Taxation.
  2. Family Law.
  3. Corporate Law.
  4. International Law.
  5. Business Law.
  6. Real Estate Law.
  7. Labor Law.
  8. Parent law.
  9. Intellectual law.
  10. Administrative law.
  11. Criminal / civil law.
  12. human rights law.
  13. Constitutional law.