Mining Engineer Career

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Career in Mining Engineer

Mining Engineer Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Mining is a very fast field and it encompasses various tasks such as identifying, extracting, producing and processing various minerals such as petroleum, metallic minerals, non-metallic minerals, coal from natural reserves Mining Engineer Career.

Mining Engineer Career as a Mining engineering encompasses various technologies & techniques related to a range of various mining activities such as

  • feasibility study.
  • production of minerals.
  • Transportation of minerals.
  • marketing of minerals.
  • exploration.
  • maintenance of mines.
  • Removal of toxic wastes.
  • Ensuring air circulation.
  • Land restoration.
  • Rehabilitation of mines.

Job Profile

Some of the Different roles which a mining engineer can assume are

  • Mine manager.
  • Mine planner
  • Mine & safety manager.
  • Mining Investment analyst.
  • Managing & controlling mining operations.
  • Health & safety manager.
  • Ventilation & cooling in mines.
  • Segregation & transportation of minerals.
  • Designing engineering structures.
  • Dealing with environmental aspects of mining.
  • Consulting engineers.
  • Sales engineers operations manager.
  • Mine ventilation engineer.
  • Production manager.
  • Petroleum engineer.

Mining Engineers would examine, design & create systems that will be used to find out the location of natural resources and then employ various relevant equipment to extract and transport the natural resources. Mining engineers also design and create equipment which would ease the process of mining and also provide safety & be efficient.

Skills required

  • Must possess people management skills.
  • Must have problem solving ability.
  • He/ she should have decision making ability.
  • To be able to work under pressure
  • Since a mining engineer has many tasks at his hand, He / she should be very well organized, hence good organizational skills are also important.
  • Must have a strong Maths and Science background.
  • Must be able to communicate with his / her peers effectively.
  • He / she should have good team management skills, must be able to work well in a team set up.
  • Analytical skills are also must.
  • He / she should be able to enjoy technical and engineering tasks.
  • Must adhere to strict safety rules and regulations.
  • Keep knowledge of all the Govt. laws and regulations related to Mining.
  • Must be able to identify, analyse and solve problems.
  • Should possess excellent communication skills.

Salary Package

Mining engineers draw handsome salaries in India. Since majority are Govt, sector jobs, they receive nice perks too. A fresher may command a salary of 20,000 I NR to 25,000 I NR a month.

Job Prospects :-

Some of the popular organizations which hire mining engineers are

  • Geological survey of India.
  • Coal India.
  • O N G C.
  • H C L.
  • N A L C O.
  • TATA steel.
  • Reliance Industries.
  • Neyveli Lignite.
  • Indian bureau of mines.
  • Bharat Gold mines Ltd.
  • National aluminium corporation.
  • HIndalco Industries.
  • Coal India limited.
  • Bharat Aluminium limited.
  • Indian oil corporation.
  • Steel authority of India.

So there are hordes of mining and other industries where a mining engineer has great career prospects. Gulf countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia also offer lucrative packages to mining engineers.

How Do I get there ?

Courses available in Mining engineering in India are

  • Diploma in Mining & mine surveying engineering.
  • B.E / B.Tech – Mining engineering.
  • M.E / M.Tech – Mining Engineering.

For admission in an undergraduate course, A candidate needs to have passed 12th science stream with Physics, chemistry, maths combination.