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Career in Naval Architect

Naval Architect Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Naval Architecture and Ocean engineer are promising fields to study, but India is yet to make a dramatic progress in these fields. Since many fields such as oil & gas, trade, transport, mineral exploration etc, are in need of the offshore industry for its proper functioning, Offshore facilities and newly designed vessels are needed in those fields. Ocean engineering, as the name suggests, is one which would operate in the ocean & marine environment ,where the design, development, construction, operation, & planning of systems that would operate in ocean & marine environment. Actually, Naval architecture is a sub division of ocean engineering. Naval Architect Career deals with the design & building of ships, boats & all sea-operating vessels.

Naval Architect Career Job Profile

Ocean engineers & naval architects are a type of engineers whose task is to perform activities such as construction, design, maintenance, repair of ships, marine vessels, & offshore structures. Other than the civilian vehicles, Naval architecture & Ocean engineering also deal with the construction, design & maintenance of defense operation vehicles, such as submarines,  frigates, warships, destroyers etc.

Ocean engineering is quite a complicated & is a cooperative effort. A career as Maritime engineer includes developing, researching, inspecting & constructing waterborne transport and their component parts.

The duties of a naval architect or an ocean engineer would include preparing budgets, testing equipment, schedules and contracts, and also to compile reports for their peers, mostly contractors.

Skills Required

  • Must possess a creative and logical mind.
  • Should be inquisitive i.e have an inquiring mind.
  • Ability to communicate well with peers and colleagues and senior officials, i.e Should have excellent communication skills, both written and speech.
  • Should have the skill for sound judgment.
  • Must be able to work well within a team set up, i.e good team working ability.
  • Should have leadership qualities.
  • Must be strong in Basic maths, Physics and science.
  • Should be well acquainted with computer aided engineering software’s and other related design software’s.
  • Should be quite flexible too.
  • Problem solving skills are also important.
  • One should be able to stay calm under pressure and deliver under tight deadlines.
  • Must be able to handle complex information.
  • Strong business and IT skills are also very essential.
  • Analytical skills are also a worthy asset.

Salary Package

A naval architect or ocean engineer having a diploma course in Naval architecture or Ocean engineering can command a salary up-to 15,000 I NR. A Naval architect or Ocean engineer with an engineering degree ( four year course) can command a salary up to 25,000 I NR.

Job Prospects

Till 2010, We had only two colleges that teach Naval architecture- I I T Kharagpur & I I T Madras. There has been some addition to the list. There is a steady demand for Naval architecture and ocean engineers in India, But we are still yet to make a big splash in this industry. There are many job opportunities in some of our neighbouring countries such as China, Singapore and also Korea

How Do I get there ?

  • One needs to compulsorily opt for a 12th Science stream with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics combination.
  • One can pursue B.E/B.Tech in Naval Architecture Or Ocean engineering from any of the colleges offering the course.
  • There is a written entrance test for entrance into the course
  • Indian Navy would take in graduates from select branches of engineering and then train them in postgraduate courses from I IT, Delhi
  • After completing of the diploma from II T Delhi, The naval architects are sent to the dockyards in Port Blair, Mumbai, Cochin, Vishakapatnam etc.

The above is the case for a job in Government sector i.e Indian Navy in this case. One can opt for a job in private companies too. Their selection criteria is different, but an engineering degree in select disciplines is necessary.