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Career in Photography

Photography Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Photography Career is an art of self expression and capturing moments & keeping them with yourself with the chance to relish them whenever you wish to. Photography is a relatively new medium, in existence since the past 150 years or so. Photography has come a long way since Kodak film rolls, The digital scene came in some years back and it has been welcomed by one & all, the same. Photography is more common as a hobby, But a career choice for the talented and skilled people. 

Photography Career is an art form which requires technical and creative skill sets and expertise. Photography captures one’s imagination in a beautiful manner and gives the person an opportunity to share it with whoever he / she wishes to.

This is a career option where admiration, criticism, feedback is a common norm.

WIth the current boom in Fashion Industry, Communication networks, websites, Advertising, both print and electronic media,. Photography is emerging as one of the most challenging and rewarding professions in India.

Photography Career Job Profile

There are different types of Photographers, with each having their own roles and responsibilities.

But to put in a general and common perspective, The duties & tasks of a Photographer are –

  • Laminate and/ or lacquer, frame, mount finished Photographs.
  • To properly be able to operate the camera & take pictures of a person, family, functions, parties, conferences, etc.
  • To remove red eye and to crop & re size images as required.
  • To thread the camera & keep it in focus.
  • To set up, mount or install cameras & Photographic equipment.

Different types of Photographers & their roles are 

  • Advertising – The Photographer’s task is to find a balance between client’s demand for conveying the message and creativity.
  • Photojournalism – Photojournalist’s are hired by newspaper agencies and news magazines who employ them in order to take pictures of conferences, newsworthy events, page three parties, Sports & Movie Premieres etc.
  • Food Display – Photographers in this area work for food & beverage companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Dairy and Ice cream manufacturers etc.
  • Wildlife Photography – Wildlife Photographer’s task is to wander in the wild i.e Forests and shoot the animals with their cameras and not guns, because that would be illegal.
  • Travel Photography – As the name implies, These Photographers cover the rural and non-urban life and also sometimes towns, but mostly they cover tourist places and places of interest.
  • Industrial Photography – Whenever there is a need for an industry or a factory to capture the machinery, industrial layout, workers on job or any other prominent place or thing, An Industrial Photographer captures it with his camera
  • Fashion – Fashion Photographers cover fashion events, Red carpet premieres, Fashion magazines etc.

SKills Required

  • This is a definite one, A photographer needs to be creative and must possess a wide sense of imagination.
  • A Photographer needs to have Problem solving and analytical skills.
  • A Photographer needs to have steady hands and should be well knowledge about all the aspects of Photography such as focus, aperture etc.
  • A photographer must have a clear vision.
  • He/ she must have a keen sense of detail, must be able to pay attention to detail.
  • He/ she must be a very good observer.
  • Good organisational skills are also needed.
  • He/ She must possess excellent communication skills.
  • He/ She should have a sense of framing and knowledge about Art and color combinations is also essential.
  • One must be a learner and must study the work’s of the great photographers from the past as well as present.
  • One must keep practicing their art and craft.
  • Strong networking skills are also necessary.
  • Patience & concentration are also essential traits.

Salary Package 

There is no definite salary structure for a Photographer. It is very difficult to work as a freelancer or start one’s own business at initial stage of one’s career.

One needs to assist established Photographers , where one may start by a minimum pay scale of 5,000 INR a month. The more skilled and experienced ones may work for a Professional studio or company and draw a salary of 15,000 INR a month.

Job Prospects

One of the most exciting aspect of Photography is the number of various fields one can work and specialise in.

A skilled and professional photographer may expect work in any of the following fields 

  • Newspapers.
  • Magazines.
  • Advertising agencies.
  • Fashion & design houses.
  • Industries.
  • News channels.
  • Professional websites.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • Modelling agencies.
  • Production houses.
  • EVent management companies.
  • Film publicity & marketing houses.
  • Television Channels.
  • Television Production houses.

There are innumerable career prospect for a skilled & talented Photographer in our country. Education isn’t much important, but doing a professional course would help a person.

How Do I get there ?

  • Passing 10+2 in any stream will make one eligible for most diploma / bachelor’s / certificate course in Photography.
  • One can learn Photgraphy online through the numerous blogs, Youtube channels and websites such as etc