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Pilot Career

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Pilot Career – Becoming a Pilot is one of the most challenging as well as a highly rewarding profession. It’s a dream seen for-long by us humans to fly in the sky and to transcend countries, oceans or just going from A to B at unbelievable speeds. An Airline Pilot is a highly trained, skilled and a healthy professional who is qualified to fly any aircraft or helicopter. Being a Pilot is no easy task & it surely ain’t everyone’s cup of tea.

A Pilot Career must be healthy, fit and must have a clear vision. All these conditions are to make sure the pilot is responsible and capable enough to handle the pressure and responsibility of a making sure the flight would reach its destination, safe and sound. Pilots must learn to handle and avoid many health hazards on the job. Such as one may suffer hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to Engine noise.

Job Profile

The duties of a Pilot are 

  • To check the overall condition of the aircraft prior to and after every flight.
  • To monitor fuel consumption, engines, & other aircraft systems during flight and respond to any changes in weather, due to engine failure
  • To navigate the aircraft by employing visual references and cockpit instruments.
  • To communicate with the destination aircraft control room by use of the aircraft’s radio system.
  • To submit flight plans to air traffic control, ensure fuel supply is enough for the entire journey time and also to check if weather conditions are acceptable.
  • To make sure that the aircraft is below the recommended weight limit and also if all the necessary regulations are met with.

Flying doesn’t require much Physical effort or stress , But the mental pressure and stress of being responsible for the safe landing of the entire flight with hundreds of passengers or cargo worth millions in all kinds of weather is pretty demanding and taxing as well.

Take offs and landings are the most challenging parts of a Pilot’s Job. Good coordination is needed between pilot, copilot, flight engineer and the air traffic control room.

The following are some of the main types of Pilot 

  • Airline Pilot – They are employed by commercial Airline to transport passengers or Cargo on a fixed schedule and in a designated route
  • Commercial Pilots – They are deployed in mostly unscheduled flight activities, such as chartered flights, aerial tours, Sky-diving, Aerial application etc.
  • Flight Instructors – As the name indicates, They are employed to serve as instructors to Student pilots or trainees, They use dual controlled aircraft’s and simulators to teach the students.

Skills Required

  • Since a Pilot would need to watch over gauges, screens, and dials to make sure all systems are working properly. They must possess very good observational skills.
  • They must be able to react quickly and with precision and good judgement to handle emergencies well
  • Excellent communication skills are also important since a Pilot would be required to communicate copilots, flight engineer and air traffic control room.
  • Pilots must be able to identify complex problems and devise appropriate solutions, Hence they must inhabit Good Problem-solving skills.
  • Be mentally and Physically alert.
  • Must possess clear vision and good eyesight
  • A Pilot must be confident, unflappable, self assured leader with considerable technical skills.
  • Must be good in making Appropriate and worthy decisions
  • They must definitely possess good hand to eye coordination
  • Must be good in controlling operation of systems and equipment
  • Critical thinking is a worthy and useful asset. The ability to use logic & reasoning to choose the best possible option when facing a crisis or a dilemma.
  • Must have sound Mathematical knowledge
  • Must have sound scientific knowledge to be able to use the scientific laws  and methods to solve problems etc.
  • Should be good in quality control analysis and System analysis.

Pilot Career Salary Package

  • An Airline Pilot’s salary may range from 1,50,000 I NR to 2,50,000 I NR a month for those flying in domestic.
  • For International routes and with sufficient amount of experience and expertise, A Pilot may command anywhere between 5,00,000 I  NR to 6,00,000 I NR a month.

Pilot Career Job Prospects

  • The Job Opportunities for Pilots are immense. This job is one of the most highest paying and also one of the most rewarding jobs. A well skilled and trained Pilot will find work sooner or later. This a very challenging and promising profession.
  • From Commercial flying to agricultural flying to aerial tours to Military to Personal jets, Pilots are needed in many fields and areas.

How Do I get there ?

  • To be eligible to enter a flying school and get a Student’s Pilot License (SPT), A candidate must have cleared his 12th Examination in Science stream with a minimum of 50% score, with Physics, Chemistry and maths combination.
  • Candidates are supposed to clear a Medical test before joining a Flying school to get a Student’s Pilot License (SPT).
  • Candidate must be of minimum 16 years of age to get Student’s Pilot License.
  • The flying school must be recognized by Directorate general of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India
  • To get Student’s Pilot License, One needs to register first with a medical certificate, bank guarantee and security clearance. This would be followed by an oral exam, clearing which the candidate will be awarded the Student’s Pilot License Certificate.
  • To be eligible to get a Private Pilot’s License (PPL), The candidate must pass his/ her 12th examination in Science stream with Physics, chemistry and maths combination with a passing score of 50% and also the candidate must get a medical health certificate issued by Armed Forces Central Medical Establishment (AFCME).
  • For PPL, The candidate must be of minimum 17 years of age
  • For PPL, The candidate must undergo 60 hours of flying (Dual and solo combined). The training would be followed by an exam, clearing which would entitle the candidate to get a Private Pilot’s License (PPL).
  • One would be eligible to get a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) after getting a PPL.
  • To get a CPL, Candidate must undergo 250 hours of flying, inclusive of 60 hours of flying in PPL.