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Career in Sociology

Sociology Careers

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Sociology Careers – Do you get fascinated by the society you live in or Would like to become an agent of social change ?.. Sociology could be an appropriate vocation for you. Sociology has a lot of significance and importance in today’s world, without sociology it’s hard to come in grips with societal problems.

Sociology Careers study human behavior, which is greatly influenced & governed by social, religious and legal guidelines, within the guidelines of an organisational structure.

Sociology is the scientific study of human society and its origins, development, organizations, and institutions. It encompasses the study of human behavior, its causes and consequence; and social interaction of people in groups to understand how societies organize, develop and change.

Sociology Careers Job Profile

  • Sociologists study how people behave in groups, providing an insight as to what humans are in today’s world.
  • Sociologists also study the criminal behavior and draw conclusions on specific crime order in order to help the law enforcers and law makers.
  • Like any other type of scholar, Sociologist gains, advances and applies knowledge.
  • Their main job is to study people as a part of social process – cooperation, conflict, power, exchange, inequality, social control, deviance, violence, order, socialization, culture, values etc.
  • Sociological insight helps a society understand how its present actions would unfold in future.
  • Sociologists compile data on social cultures, interactions, & organizations by observing, conducting surveys & interviewing subjects etc.
  • Sociologists analyze data, & prepare reports that will be further used by social workers, educators, & administrators to establish policies & resolve social issues.
  • Sociology is a very vast field, so one may specialize in one or more areas within the field.
  • Sociology allows students to integrate knowledge from a variety of social disciplines including history, economics, psychology, political science and anthropology.

The various job roles for a Sociologist are

  • Professor.
  • Lecturer.
  • Consultant.
  • Urban Planner.
  • Counselor.
  • Community organizer.
  • Office administrator, etc

Skills Required

  • Communication skills- A Sociologist needs to be able to communicate properly & efficiently with one and all. Both written and verbal form
  • Interpersonal skills – One must be able to work in self managed task teams and on task forces. And in addition to that be able to initiate ideas and work on a project independently.
  • Leadership skills – Ability to share leadership and responsibility. The main aspect that is to be seen is that a sociologist must be able to influence people.
  • Problem solving ability & sharp critical thinking ability are very essential for a sociologist.
  • Research design & Statistics – One must be able to work with others and define a problem or research question, design a study to find answers, design the appropriate instruments, etc.
  • One must be very well acquainted with data analysis, word processing & graphics.
  • Must have general business sense, knowledge of advanced quality process, & general principles of Performance management.

Salary Packages

The salary Package of a Sociologist would be anywhere between 6,000 INR to 8,000 INR a month for beginners and will gradually increase with experience and significant expertise.

Those working in Government Sector would earn a bit fatter pay cheque, ranging from 8,000 INR to 10,000 INR a month.

For lecturers in colleges, the salary would be as per UGC.

Job Prospects

Sociology happens to be a very enticing career which also have many options.

Some examples where a Sociologist may find employment are

  • Public Health & Welfare Organizations.
  • Private businesses.
  • Law firms.
  • Advertising Firms.
  • International agencies.
  • Medical centers.
  • Educational Institutions.
  • Polling & Survey Organisations.
  • Research Institutes.
  • Criminal justice system.

The most common jobs for a Sociologist are that of teachers, educators, administrators, consultants, counselors, Researchers. Other careers where a Sociologist may find a secure employment are as Paralegals, Public relations workers, community organizers, public policy researchers, Case worker, Data analysts, etc.

Another job which is most opted for after academics & teaching is that of a Researcher in this field

How Do I get there ?

  • The candidate must have passed 10+2 preferably in social sciences or an equivalent examination in order to opt for a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.
  • Many degree & postgraduate courses are offered by colleges & universities in India.
  • For a masters degree in sociology, a candidate, in most cases,must have scored 50% aggregate in the bachelor’s.
  • Course duration for M.A in Sociology is 3 years.
  • Course duration for B.A in Sociology is 2 years.