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B.Com or BBA/BBM

The commerce field is an evergreen field. It is without doubt the most preferred stream in the country. And in the last few years with an alarming drop in the number of students joining medicine and engineering, commerce has consolidated the pole position among students in the country. This is a good thing and a bad thing for commerce aspirants. A good thing because it shows that the industry is booming but it’s a bad thing because there’s too much competition. Although beating the competition would depend a lot on how good you are and which college you study in etc. The first step that could eventually make a huge difference is which course you take.

One of the biggest questions in the minds of many commerce aspirants is B.Com or BBA/BBM. This article will give you the perfect lowdown of both the courses to make your decision easier. As your decision will impact your future it is necessary that you make an informed choice.

Preferably to make your job easier,you could take a scientifically backed aptitude test which would help you understand which career would work best for you. If still in doubt then do not hesitate to get help as the choice you make will heavily impact your future. Approach expert career counsellors who will guide you to make the right informed choice.

Let’s first understand the two courses.


This is a generalized 3-year undergraduate program. Traditionally the most preferred option by students who aspire for a future in the commerce stream after 12th. The course is majorly based on the fundamentals of commerce which includes Accounts, Administration, Finance Economics, and Industrial Policy. Most universities offer the course and future prospects include further studies in M.Com,MBA.CA etc. Students wishing to pursue B.Com would be required to have a pass certificate for mathematics from their 12th grade.


Both these courses are specialized 3 year undergraduate programs. And have very similar syllabuses and core subjects. Both the courses are majorly based on management and administration skill based learning with subjects like  Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, Communication Skills, Operations Management, International Trade and Business Law. Most prefered choice after is an MBA degree.

Now let’s look at both courses in detail:


The Bachelor of Commerce is designed to enhance the ability to learn as the students study variety of subjects: Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Economics and Industrial Policies. This course equips one with the analytical, communication and problem-solving skills to effectively identify issues, source information and to find efficient and practical solutions.

What after B.Com?

There are multiple options to study further after a B.Com degree. It is compulsory to have a B.Com degree in order to pursue CA,ICWA or CS. Those are very lucrative degrees and can lead to very successful careers. Other than that an M.Com course could put you in a good position for leadership roles and will automatically enhance your B.Com degree. An MBA is also an option that can be considered. An MBA in Finance could allow you to spread your skill set wider and open up more career options.

Can further study M.Com,MBA,CA

Career Options

B.Com graduates can look for jobs in private as well government sectors such as Financial Services, Insurance, Marketing, Broking, Banking, ITES, Government banking sector, Accountant Assistant, Tax Assistant etc. Adding extra degrees after B.Com like the few mentioned above will open up more options. The college or university you pass out from will influence many companies when they hire you.

Why is it better?

B.Com is better as it gives a wider scope for specialization after the course. You have a wider range to choose from which gives you the time and space to choose your career. Whereas a BBA or BBM will only lead to an MBA.


These two courses are designed to teach you  the basics of business administration and functions of a business like marketing, finance, human resource management. It also makes you competent to take major managerial decisions, handle teams and manage the administration of a company on managerial level.   

What after BBA/BBM?

It almost goes without saying that an MBA is the best option for anyone who does a BBA or BBM. It will enhance your bachelors degree and does wonders to your job prospects. BBA and BBM are both specialized courses which were designed as a precursor to an MBA degree and hence it only makes sense to follow it up with an MBA.

Can further do an MBA,Civil Service

Career Options

After a BBA/BBM degree jobs will be readily available in marketing and sales division in corporate sectors or as a management trainee. But if you follow up your BBA/BBM with an MBA degree from a reputed institute then your job prospects increase along with a higher salary package.

Why is it better?

BBA/BBM are both specialization courses and hence teach exactly what you need to learn and not a little bit of everything. For anyone interested in the management scheme of things the course is specially designed to teach you all the particular skills needed and prepares you for your MBA degree. Though you can pursue an MBA after a B.Com, a managerial MBA is better backed by a BBA background.


If commerce and numbers are your thing and you wish to pursue more formal fields like CA then choose the B.Com program and then pursue higher education with the multiple options that you have. But if management is your cup of tea and you’re sure then don’t waste time with a B.Com but do either a BBM or a BBA which will prepare you for the MBA. Whatever you choose always remember that the college you do it in will make a huge difference to where you end up getting hired.