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Career in Computer Science Engineering

Career in Computer Science Engineering

If romeo is computer science engineering, then the IT Revolution is Juliet. They both are perfect with each other and if one dies the other won’t survive..The IT Revolution changed the world forever creating numerous jobs and at the same time changing the way the world was perceived. Computer Science Engineering is what is still pushing the revolution forward everyday to break more barriers and to keep changing the world.  It is also known as electronics & computer engineering or computer systems engineering. Computer Science Engineering primarily is a division of engineering which involves the principles and techniques of both computer science and electronics engineering. It includes testing and designing of computer components. There are 2 types of computer engineers. First, an individual who studies computer programs is known as a computer a software engineer. And secondly, an individual who studies computer equipments is known as a computer hardware engineer.



I think it goes without saying that the biggest industry opportunity to look at would be the IT industry. But with almost every industry going digital career options are now open in literally every profession you can think of. The scope for computer science engineering is exceptional.

Skills Required

 A Computer Engineer must have the ability to create and invent things, respectable knowledge in technology and an interest in mathematics and science. He/ she should be familiar with programming and have extensive computer knowledge. They should have good analytical skills, an eye for detail, sustained attention and good problem solving capabilities . They should possess good communication skills, be proficient in analyzing and evaluating data and have the ability to make decisions, to work in teams and to express their ideas both orally and in writing.



  • BE Computer Science and Engineering
  • BSc Software Engineering
  • BE Computer Technology
  • BTech Computer Science and Engineering
  • BTech Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Computer Science and Engineering (DIPIETE/ AMIETE)
  • BTech Computer Software Engineering


Eligibility for B.Tech / B.E courses is 10 + 2 with Science. Selection will be based on your marks in science in the +2 examination coupled with your score in a state based CET Examination which would give you a specific rank and depending on the rank colleges admit you. Duration of the course is 4 years.



Job Prospects

With almost all industries at least partly turning digital demand for computer science engineers is at an all time high. Computer Engineers with a high percentage of mark and good communication skills can easily find employment in top companies. Software and IT companies are the major employers of these graduates. Diploma holders in computer engineering can begin their own business with very little investment. Other than software jobs in almost any office in the country there’s also the option of teaching in colleges as a professor if that’s your calling.