Dental Surgery

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Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery

[one_half][ads1][/one_half]Dentistry is the part of medicine which deals with all kinds of mouth related diseases. Dental Surgery includes teeth, gums, hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Today, dentistry is not restricted to treating tooth decays. Its increasing manifolds as people are becoming more aware of their overall appearance. Dentists have to use variety of cosmetic dental procedures to improve a person’s appearance. In India, BDS Course (dentistry) has become a preferred career choice for many students. 

Dental Surgery Scope :

The introduction of new fields like periodontics (care of gums and the diseases that might afflict them), oral pathology (diagnosis for diseases that affect the mouth) and orthodontics (straightening and aligning teeth and jaws) have all enhanced the scope of B.D.S course. These days, dentists perform surgery using variety of techniques and procedures such as computers and magnetic resonance imaging. The dentists also have to educate patients about oral hygiene and ways to preserve a healthy mouth. Therefore the demand for dentists is increasing world wide. If you like performing surgeries related to mouth and handling the injuries related to mouth then bachelor in dental surgery is a very interesting field.

The size of India’s dental market is vast and India is slated to become one of the largest single country markets for overseas dental products and materials. The huge size of India’s populace and the sustained rapid economic growth the country is experiencing continues to create huge demand for better health care.

Skills Required :

Additional Skills :

A dentist should also develop qualities like

  1. Deep knowledge of the field.
  2. Good diagnosing ability.
  3. Self-confidence.
  4. Responsibility.
  5. Caring nature.
  6. Good communication.
  7. Counseling skills.

Subjects :

Bachelor of Dental Surgery Subjects :

  1. Human Physiology.
  2. Materials used in Dentistry.
  3. Human Oral Anatomy, Physiology, Histology and Tooth Morphology.
  4. Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology.
  5. Orthodontics.
  6. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Eligibility & Admission Process :

Student need to appear in all India medical entrance exam or Common Entrance Test (CET) to get admission in Bachelor in Dental Surgery Course. Candidate should be 12th pass in PCB with 50% marks.

Colleges :

  1. A. B. Shetty Memorial Institute Of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, Karnataka.
  2. A. J. Institute Of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, Karnataka.
  3. Al Ameen Dental College & Hospital, Bijapur, Karnataka.
  4. Albadar Rural Dental College & Hospital, Gulbarga, Karnataka.
  5. Bangalore Institute Of Dental Sciences & Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka.

Job Prospects & Salaries :

Dentistry is one of the recognized professional careers and is among the top career choices made by students in India. This profession is very demanding and remunerative. Graduates can start their career as practitioners in community hospitals, government hospitals, nursing homes and in industries. Service sectors such as railways, defense services and ordnance factories also can employ dentists for hospitals.

The majority of the job opportunities for a graduate in this field are available in a research institute, colleges, universities, and teaching hospitals. Trained private practitioners can setup their own dental clinic which could help them to gain the confidence and revenue. Graduates who are interested in social service field can join NGOs. Besides, lots of job opportunities are available in foreign countries for Indian dentists in the countries like Australia, UK and US.

Some job types :

  • Consultant.
  • Professors.
  • Forensics.
  • Dental surgeon.
  • Oral pathologist.
  • Dental hygienist.
  • Dental Assistant.
  • Private practitioners.
  • Public health specialists.
  • Dental Lab Technician / Ceramist.
  • Medical Representative / Sales Representative.

Remuneration :

In government hospitals, freshly trained dentists could begin at around  7,000 –  10,000 a month (including allowances), while in private hospitals it could be from  10000 –  15,000. Dental Surgeons lead a comfortable life as they get paid very well. Once they have established their own practice they can earn a lot.