Career Definitions

Career Definitions – LANGUAGES


Career Definitions – LANGUAGES APPLIED LINGUISTICS (PG / DIP)  LANGUAGES- Branch of linguistics dealing with practical applications of the findings of linguistics in such areas as language teaching methodology and speech therapy. PHONETICS (M.Phil / PhD) The study and classification of speech sounds and the analysis of their production and distinguishing …

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Career Definitions – JEWELLERY


Career Definitions – JEWELLERY GEEMOLOGY (DIP) JEWELLERY – This science deals with various types of gems like ruby, quartz, diamonds, etc., their identification, quality assessment, polishing, etc. GEMMOLOGY (DIP) The branch of geology or crystallography that deals with gems.It deals with structure , cutting, polishing and finishing of Gems. GEEMOLOGY …

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Career Definitions – HORTICULTURE


Career Definitions – HORTICULTURE FLORICULTURE (DIP) HORTICULTURE – Floriculture technicians grow, arrange, market and care for flowers, shrubs, trees and grass for beautification of human surroundings.They raise and propagate flowers, hedges, shrubs, and related crops for commercial purposes, special areas, private and public areas. FORESTRY (CER / DIP) The science …

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Career Definitions – HISTORY


Career Definitions – HISTORY EPIGRAPHY (DIP / PG DIP) HISTORY The branch of knowledge dealing with the interpretation, classification of inscriptions, the paleography of inscriptions. HISTORIES (DEG / PG) The branch of knowledge deals with events that have already taken place. A systematically arranged, written account of events affecting a nation, social …

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Career Definitions – FURNITURE


Career Definitions – FURNITURE FURNITUREs DESIGNING (DIP) The furniture designers determines the needs and preferences of the clients and the potential  buyers and designs.Makes furnitures for homes, offices, hotels,stores and other uses. FURNITURES MAKER & DESIGNER (JOC / PG DIP) The furnitures maker and designer determine the needs and preferences of the …

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Career Definitions – FISHERIES


Career Definitions – FISHERIES FISH PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY (PG / PhD) FISHERIES Deals with large scale production, processing, storage of fish including manufacture of processed product by using fish as raw materials. FISHERY (CER / DEG / PGDIP / PG) Fishery involve the capture or harvest and also processing for profit, of sea, …

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Career Definitions – Fine Arts

fine arts

Career Definitions – Fine Arts ACTING (CER / DIP / DEG) Fine Arts Actors entertain and communicate with people through their interpretation of dramatic roles.They rely on facial and verbal expressions as well as body motions or movement for creative effect. Acting requires persistence’s, practice and handwork as well as …

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