Career in Oceanography

Oceanography Careers

Oceanography Careers Oceanography is a branch of science, which deals with scientific study of all aspects of Oceans, their contents, their boundaries and their elements. Oceanography Careers is an exciting and interesting field which offers the opportunity to be involved with a variety of scientific disciplines and lifelong learning. Oceanography …

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Career in Nurse

Nurse Career

Nurse Career Nurse Career Referred to as backbone of Healthcare services, Nurses have come along way to be regarded at par with doctors. They both complement each other with respect to patient care and one can’t imagine one without the other. It is almost impossible to imagine health care delivery without …

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Career in Navy Officer

Navy Officer Career

Navy Officer Career Navy Officer Career – Indian Navy is a cohesive, well balanced three dimensional force, capable of performing operations under, on and above the water surface, mostly Sea & oceans surrounding our country, and henceforth protecting our nation. Indian Navy is the fifth largest Navy in the world. The …

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Career in Naval Architect

Naval Architect Career

Naval Architect Career Naval Architecture and Ocean engineer are promising fields to study, but India is yet to make a dramatic progress in these fields. Since many fields such as oil & gas, trade, transport, mineral exploration etc, are in need of the offshore industry for its proper functioning, Offshore facilities …

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Career in Mining Engineer

Mining Engineer Career

Mining Engineer Career Mining is a very fast field and it encompasses various tasks such as identifying, extracting, producing and processing various minerals such as petroleum, metallic minerals, non-metallic minerals, coal from natural reserves Mining Engineer Career. Mining Engineer Career as a Mining engineering encompasses various technologies & techniques related …

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Career in Law

Lawyer Career

Lawyer Career Lawyer Career is one of the most promising career options in recent times. In addition to the traditional branches for Lawyer Career, such as. Criminal. Civil. Corporate. Taxation. Labor. Election law. Lawyer Career there are many new types of Law to choose from these days, such as. Cyber. Space. …

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Career in Journalism.

Journalism Career

Journalism Career Journalism Career – The power of pen is mightier than the sword. Even to this day, Journalism draws the youth in hordes. Journalism has long been in existence, but the kind of journalism that is relevant today, is far more superior & complex than in the previous ages. …

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Career in Interior Design

Interior Design Career

Interior Design Career Interior Design Career i.e Interior designing is the arrangement of living space i.e managing, organizing, planning of the interior of homes, hotels, or any other infrastructure such as offices, conference centers, TV & film studios, commercial establishments, exhibition halls, etc. The main objective of Interior Design Career …

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Career in Industrial Design

Industrial Design Career

Industrial Design Career Industrial Design Career i.e Industrial design is a combination of applied art & applied science, which would improve the aesthetics, ergonomics & usability of a product. Industrial Designers develop designs & concepts for the manufactured products. They vary within all different products available for human race. Industrial Design Career …

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Career in Hotel Management

Hotel Management Career

Hotel Management Career Hotel Management Career – Hotels are without doubt one of the most visible & important aspect of a country’s infrastructure linked with the Tourism industry. India has seen a lot of boom in the number of tourists visiting India and even the one’s visiting within the country and apart …

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